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  1. Max - what are you currently wearing and what are issues ? Typically a good hockey shop should be able to mod your skates to solve most issues you might be having, check this out in your region? Finally when you have the money to buy a pair of custom skates - take a look at Bauer/CCM and possibly Graf if they offer this option as well
  2. Aquilzz - thanks for confirming what I am seeing out in the market. We dodged a bullit when True screwed up my sons second pair of skates, left them at the store and got my money back. True 2 piece - goalie skates will run you about 1k both CCM and Bauer might cost you slightly more up front but at the end of the day will last you longer so cheaper without all the drama. i can’t emphasize to you all how CHEAP these skates are I give them +/- 2 years and they will be dead
  3. Jonathon, stay away from True skates unless you have issues with your feet! Even then Bauer makes custom skates and so does CCM my son waisted over 3 months with them earlier this season and after two attempts by them to build a proper skate I got my money back from our LhS. Nearly every goalie skate that I have seen 8 - 6 of them have had issues from ripped liners/exterior upper sections coming undone/ in our case liner ripped on molding of skates at the store and two sets of skates with crooked blade holders. I know their comfortable my sons can attest to that but so are his Bauer 2S off the shelf. i don’t think that the minor performance benefits you would get from their product outweighs the highly probable issues you will end up having with their product. My sons True experience was a total fiasco - this was by far the worst goalie equipment purchase we ever made!
  4. Big2

    Stick sizing advice

    Isles - great article matt that’s a similar explanation my sons goalie coach gave us a few years ago. He’s about 6’1’’ and uses a 26 inch BPM 150 Take the time to read the article and experiment as well
  5. Guys - quick update so I just tried purring OEM of the two sets of Step fatblades that are hard to set in place - what I did as a test was to put soapy water to get them in. Blades when in better than usual, will continue using this system for the near future, i also have been exchanging with Step on what I think the problem is - if anything comes out off this I will advice!
  6. Insert - thank you for the feedback it looks like a very nice product, unfortunately I have yet to see one live. Question - sine it seems to have more padding than most other units and the padded sections are HUGE does it impede in any way your mobility?
  7. Do we have any feedback on this padded shirt from Vaughn yet ? FYI - CCM has a new version of their padded shirt which looks pretty good I will post a picture this weekend
  8. So as you can see from above I have been frustrated with 2 of the 3 sets of Step blades I bought my son! In order to further pursue this with the store and Step I went to get the thickness of the blades measured!! Well guess what - the STEP blades ate a smidgen under 3MM and the original Bauer blades are a smidgen over 3MM ????????? I will take another look at this - but my guess is that the ROUGH finish on the 3MM section is what makes the blades tough to get into the holder!
  9. HELP - that's what its all about and why I greatly appreciate this forum! Thanks!!
  10. Chenner/Ruckus thank you for your input will discuss with my son this weekend - his new CA has a strap in the back for this set up!
  11. TGN all the rectangular units on the front and the shoulder wings - sorry for the lack of proper use of nomenclature. FYI I drove to my sons school to allow him to practice with it this afternoon ( just got back) and it fit him extremely well/ he had no issues with his sight lines over his shoulders. All I can say is that he gave me his SZ to take home, I will provide a more detailed summary next week.
  12. So "sexy" has arrived - will be tried on the ice tomorrow will provide comments as soon as my son gets back to me! Initial comments vs the STOCK unit - the sections that are beefed are the foam blocks and the shoulder floaters whic are alot harder than the stock unit, similar to the Brian's!
  13. Guys - what is the advantage/benefit of using this system vs suspenders ?? My son currently uses suspenders, I know it helps to keep the CA from moving up - what would this system provide ya??
  14. So I just left a large local HS in Montreal and we tried the following: CCM Premier pro size - HUGE mobility - good protection - good CCM E Shield pro size BIG mobility - very good protection - good Warrior G4 Pro size - big mobity - very good protection - very good Vaughn Velocity v8 size - small mobility - very good/awesome protection - meh probably good at best ( I know I can get a beefed up version ) Brians Optik Size - smallish mobility - very good protection - very good ( the quality of the material is WAY out there!!] Brians SZ 3 Size - big similar to the G4 but smaller than the premier mobiloty - very good protection - very good ( the quality of the materials is WAY out there ! ] Bauer 2S Did not like it at all - the shoulder area is poorly protected did not pay attention to it Vaughn Ventus none available in the Montreal region a disappointment as it’s probably a better option vs the Premier - HUGE AND MOBILE I am told I can order and try at home but I think the TGC Beefed up Premier will be ordered tomorrow,
  15. Guys - for the owners of the CCM Premier any issues regarding the quality of the product. In the forum chest protectors ( I forgot the details ) some guy bought a used CCM Premier Pro that was falling apart and was asking about how to repair it? comments on quality would be appreciated!
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