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  1. Is it just me or do these look really similar to Reebok XLT's design-wise (not graphic at all).
  2. I'll tell you this, you've got a better camera angle than all of us.
  3. I'm 5'10" last I checked (over a year ago) and was sized for medium but pretty much everything torso-wise is cranked down. The arms are the perfect length for me. G2 Pro C/A is also now $230 on Goalie Monkey. Absolute steal right there.
  4. @tubby34 I have a G2 Pro C/A in Medium as well but I can tuck perfectly fine. I just upgraded to Vaughn SLR Pro pants. What pants are you using? I also don't get that bulky feeling (probably because I weigh next to nothing for my height). It could be your struggle with tucking the C/A that causes the bulky feel to them. My G2 Pro (plastic arms) was broken in within 2-3 ice times. For me that was about a week. After that, the thing was more mobile than my Vaughn SLR C/A (probably because the Vaughn was too small. I expect the break in period on the Classic will be less due to the lack of mechanical arms. As for lacing/tying down, I use the laces on the front of my pants through the loops located just below the shoulder floaters and tie a knot under the center plate of the C/A. I also use suspenders over the C/A, under the shoulder floaters. One last thing. From my experience, the G2 C/A is supposed to be a tank. I was told by the reps that as long as I stay square to the puck, nothing is going to get passed me up high (boy did I prove them wrong). I have no experience with the standard arm G2 but I love the robot arms and they're pretty mobile. I know. I just said the same thing four different ways.
  5. Alright, so the materials to make my own professor strap are ordered and should be arriving today. Still haven't purchased knee pads but it's decided, I'll be getting the Warrior Ritual X Sr/Pro. A buddy of mine has a set that came with his Warrior pads but the elastic on them is broken and he might be willing to give them away because he's not interested in sewing them.
  6. That guy's face in the last one 🤣 The one on the ice. Not the one behind the glass though he looks very amused. And not the ref.
  7. McDavid put it right into his glove 😂
  8. Not so fast. I'm also a freshmen playing high school hockey and they cracked my CCM Premier glove with easy. They also broke my Bauer cup and bent my stock cage not too long ago. Lefevre's a different story than Brian's though. Plus the Brian's Gneik IV glove to me is the glove above all gloves. I've only had the opportunity to do bench testing but it's a beautifully designed glove.
  9. Wow that was indeed, an insanely quick response time. 17 minutes. Here's the details: They are $60.00 CAD for the normal buckle ones and $70.00 CAD for the magnetic buckle ones. Plus shipping and tax if applicable. The padded part can be made from any colour that pad material comes in and you have your choice of strapping webbing or elastic and they only come white or black.
  10. I was not aware that Kenesky made one. Thank you! I tend to over-complicate things in my head and then just never do them because of that.
  11. The problem with getting a professor strap on my pads is I don't really want to dump a whole lot of money into bottom of the range pads. Maybe I'll just look around my garage and see what stuff I can come up with.
  12. The Warrior C/A's have super long torsos and simply won't fit on top of the inner belt. My C/A will go inside the inner belt.
  13. I found that kind of weird as well but when I tried them on a monkey sports I realized that this helps with mobility. This way your C/A feels secure but the pants still act loose-ish. I'm bad a describing things. Maybe I'll mess around with this: It looks like it would work
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