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  1. FN-2187

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    Thanks! It's just white stick on plastic that i cut out, cost about £1 for an A4 size sheet on eBay - cheaper than a paint job lol!
  2. FN-2187

    Show Off Your Action Photos

    From a 3 on 3 inline tournament recently, great to have a photographer on site!
  3. FN-2187

    Goal Stick Butt End/Knob Thread

    As they don't all show measurements on the websites can anyone please confirm which of the goalie grips has the biggest butt? In the immortal words of Sir Mix-alot, "i like big butts and i cannot lie!" ? I'm not a huge fan of loads of grip so I'm also curious if you could trim a few inches off or would the grip not stay on the shaft? Giggady.
  4. I love that perception of the impact, I've always preferred reactive style goaltending - even if it's not as efficient it's far more entertaining to watch! Unfortunately i see the continuous equipment trimming contributing to the trend of 'bigger is better' drafting as goalies get closer to basketball player height! The worst thing is the NHL doesn't seem to care about player safety or wish to cultivate a league in which fans appreciate highlight saves as much as goals. Simply call the hooks and interference, zero tolerance for headshots and the speed and scoring could flourish more naturally without penalizing goalies for developing at a far quicker rate than players over the last few decades!