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    Warrior Ritual CR1 Goal Stick

    They still have 30% off right now but your options are pretty limited...
  2. Isles12

    Cowl Positioning

    Both ideas you've suggested are actually ways to correct over-pronation in skates. Essentially where your arch collapses and ankle rolls in. Here are some good sources to explain it better than I can... https://medium.com/@ngerasimatos/hockey-skate-blade-mounting-11e8dbdc8bc http://www.skatedoc.ca/home/blog/timetosquareup Anyways if you don't over-pronate realigning the blade would probably cause you to supinate (opposite of pronate) which would not help your skating or your ankles lol
  3. Isles12

    Equipment Consultant Wanted (rant)

    I second those who've said buy used. Best way to try different stuff without breaking the bank, especially if you're in a good hockey market. Also give yourself time to adjust to new stuff that you try you may not like it right away. I recently switched gloves and the closure angle was different than my old one. I hated it for the first few games and now I like it better than my old glove
  4. One owner, lady driven, non smoker, no pets, only highway km, super clean Bauer Totalone NXG! This bad boy has a brand new 1s paint job, paddle measures about 27.5-28" true measure, and has a wicked heal wedge curve for firing biscuits at your opponents! In all seriousness I've used the stick for 3 roller hockey games it's in awesome shape couple of scuffs on the paddle and shaft but that's about it... The paddle is a bit too tall for me so trying my hand at selling it but will keep it if I can't. Looking to get $230 CAD for it. Buyer pays shipping if it needs to ship. And I'm located in Langley BC Canada if anyone local is interested. Cheers!
  5. Isles12

    Tips when buying used gear

    I've bought plenty of used stuff, my one piece of advice to add is to take your time. You can feel kind of rushed when looking at something with the person hovering right around you. Make sure you look everything over for any issues and make sure you're satisfied with the fit before you buy
  6. Isles12

    NHL Glove Size Reduction

    That's called the floating blue line. We use it in ball hockey and I've seen it used in 3 on 3 ice hockey as well Hey now what's this about rules in roller hockey? We don't need rules. Offsides and icings are for nerds... maybe Bettman should ditch those from the NHL lotsa scoring in roller lol just look at my GAA ?