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  1. IStopPux

    Warrior Buy Decisions

    I just recently upgraded to the Ritual G2 Classic Pro, and I'm very pleased with the performance. When I compare it to my friend's G4 Senior, the G2 Pro padding seems more substantial. I steered away from the hard plastic arms more out of my concern for rebound control, than for durability. I have taken several shots on the upper arms that were hard enough to deflect up into the upper stands over the netting, with absolutely no sting at all.
  2. I have read all the detailed descriptions of these two C/A models, and I can't find anything that tells me what the "SE" unit has that is different. The prices track identically, descriptions are the same, the only thing that seems different is the color pattern in the photos. Is is just the color? Jim
  3. IStopPux

    Show Off Your Action Photos

  4. I hope some of you can help with recommendations for a C/A unit that provides maximum rib and armpit coverage. i just underwent surgery for a lung issue, and they went in through several incisions on my right side. The doctors have promised me that my ribs will be tender for quite a while. And, needless to say, I'm anxious to get back on the ice! I currently wear a DR chesty that has done a good job for 16 years. The only weakness, which has bothered me for years, is the rib protection!! The rib pad doesn't come up very far on the side, and I have taken some big bruises under my armpit on the right side. I realize that this points to my technical play, but the problem comes when players try to bank hard shots off my side when I'm on the right post. Anyway, ... I'm in a location with no goalie equipment store, so I'm not able to do any comparisons other than photos and YouTube reviews on the internet. I am currently leaning toward the Warrior G2 Pro Classic or the CCM Premier Pro. Any reviews, recommendations or suggestions will be really appreciated! Jim