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  1. Kaveman42

    Why do people make fun of my skates?

    I recently switched to the old Bauer Supreme 7000 to True Skates and I was blown away. I even went back to use the Bauer's during our playoff game and it felt sooo crappy after skating with the True skates. Before I switched to True I even tried the Bauer 2S which was also night and day vs my old skates. I just couldnt keep them because they weren't the right fitfor me.
  2. Kaveman42

    Single Serve Coffee Machine

    I found this while checking out the Moka pot express, it’s the Brikka model with a pressurized spout. Looks like it produces a rich cup of coffee. Anyone ever try it? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0001DJT7G/ref=twister_B00LBUPLQ6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Kaveman42

    Single Serve Coffee Machine

    If you want to continue using a reusable filter then you can't beat the Keurig since you already know what you'er getting. The Nespresso coffee tastes better than the Keurig but I'm not sure if they have reusable filters. There is also a sale on the Nespresso machine in the color Red. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBJ2UT5/ref=twister_B07K5BT3KD?tag=slicinc-20&ascsubtag=953c26ae00dc11e99f423e364c14c4010INT&th=1
  4. Kaveman42

    Single Serve Coffee Machine

    If you don't mind using a stove, you'd get the best results using the Moka Pot, pour over, or aeropress.
  5. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2: Need help finalizing order

    I stuck with the standard shallow soft boot, which is similar to what I currently have. I already placed the order in all speedskin. Either way I was going to go speed skin on the landing pads. Here is what my design looks like:
  6. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2: Need help finalizing order

    Thanks for all your help Shifty. It was a pleasure chatting with you. i'll have to remember to send you some pics in a couple months when they arrive.
  7. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2: Need help finalizing order

    I originally demod 33+1 eflex 3 because they didnt have premiers available to demo. On the eflex my knee was a bit unstable when playing, it was landing low on the landing pad so it felt like it was going to slip off between the landing pad and calf wrap. When I went in to order my set, I tried on the P2 33+1 and my knee landed at the top half of the landing pad which felt more secure. When I demo'd the eflex I wore my knee pads and all my gear. When i was in store trying the P2 I just wore my skates, nothing else. Even if its exactly the same, I'm sure the landing pad grip on the P2 will help enough to where my knee won't slip. The eflex wasn't terrible, just didn't feel perfect. Either way there is no turning back now. I ended up ordering my set at 33+1.5 with a single internal break with precurve and all speedskin. I was debating on whether to get only the face jenpro but decided what the heck, might as well try something different. Hopefully, Westcoast Tenders issue is an isolated incident and it sounds like they took care of him under warranty which is pretty impressive customer service.
  8. Kaveman42

    CCM Premier 2: Need help finalizing order

    I did, I went in yesterday. All of the stock in store is single break for senior sizing and nothing was 33+2. With the double break, i just don't want the pads to look like question marks as they break in a year or two down the road.
  9. Hi Guys, Just found this forum. I'm in the process of ordering a set of P2's and could use some input from others with experience. Thanks in advanced. So far this is what I'm thinking but have a few concerns: Size: 33+2 (I'm 5'9" w/ 19.5 FTK) Precurve Double Internal Break, no external Material: All Speedskin 1) Should I go with +1.5 vs +2? I know its personal preference, but anyone regret going +2 or can you get use to the 1/2" extra once it breaks in. They didn't have a +2 in store to see in person. 2) Is Double Internal too much? Sure I have a narrow butterfly, but I fear the pads will become too soft with the second break. Would you recommend going single internal and have the pads naturally curve at the top as they break in? I don't want an external break because I hate torsion flex. 3) Anyone regrets getting speedskin on the face of their pads or getting an all speedskin blocker and glove? Any issues with premature wear? Anyone go with solid pleather face and speedskin and notice them holding up better that others with all speedskin? 4) Anyone notice that the P2 runs about 1/2" shorter on the knee stack than the eflex 3? My knee rolls off the eflex3 at size 33" but when i tried P2 size 33, my knee was well past the halfway point of the landing pad which is good. Felt more secure.