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  1. Jonathon v

    Brian's Pro Palm vs. Stock vs. Practice

    My glove that I ordered has a pro palm on it. It’s an optik. I honestly didn’t even mean to get a pro palm but I ordered it at 2 am. Anyways it’s coming within 2 weeks or so and I’ll let you know how it is
  2. Jonathon v

    Looking to try different pads - help

    How tall are you? 31 seems a tiny bit small, but if it fits than it fits. Also if you have the money, you could get custom Brian’s pads, they will do anything. You can get a wide leg channel and aggressive S curve. If you don’t have the money, I would suggest trying stuff out at the store to get an idea of the let channel and the butterfly
  3. Jonathon v

    Please help with Optik chest protector

    Just a follow up, my coach is helping me break it in, the elbows take a little effort to get into the elbow cap, but that is just because it’s new and my old one was much smaller, I have suspenders over the floaters pushing them down, and I’m tying the chest protector with some skate lace, so it stays tighter to my body while I break it in. 3rd practice in it felt much better. Thanks guys
  4. Jonathon v

    Please help with Optik chest protector

    Hey do you think if I wear suspenders over the chesty it will help? I don’t have those extra straps like yours so would they fall of the chesty ?
  5. Jonathon v

    Please help with Optik chest protector

    I messed around with the top straps, the way they are I have the whole top straps pulled as far down as possible, and same with the floaters, I tried to loosen it and it didn’t seem to help. I’ll try suspenders on the chesty today and hopefully I’ll get used to it
  6. Hey guys I need help. I am 14, and not too tall a goalie. I am extremely mobile and use my agility as my way of playing best. I was using a warrior chest protector as an intermediate medium size since I was 10 years old. 4 years. I had so much movement but recently I’ve been feeling more shots. I ordered a brains Optik senior chest protector medium arms and medium body. I’m 5 foot 7 ish maybe 5 foot 8 and I’m 140 pounds. I got my chesty today, had the main goalie guy at my local jerrys adjust it, he made the arms as far back as possible, made the chest as small as possible, he put the detachable bib almost all the way down to where you can see like Half the Brian’s logo. So it is basically as small as possible. I had him put the shoulder floaters as high as possible, so it looked as big as possible. I looked SO MUCH BIGGER than I used to with my old chesty. I am much more squared. I knew it would be stiff and hard to move for a while, but I didn’t care. I had a practice an hour later that I felt so big and so confident. I got on the ice and I couldn’t move at all. It is heavier than my old one and it’s new so that’s what I thought is the problem. It still might be but I’m not sure yet. I had absolutely no head movement and that’s my biggest concern. I couldn’t track the puck at all. I thought it was because the floaters were as high as possible. So I had a rat hockey I went to an hour ago and I made the shoulder floaters as small as possible. I made them go as small as possible so I could move my head more. On the ice I still couldn’t track the puck at all. My head couldn’t move at all and I know it’s new but I can’t move my head at all. I wear y suspenders under my chesty and I don’t plan to change that because it seems like it would be weird. Will I be able to move my head soon, or is the chest protector too big on me? What can I do to break it in? It would be great if you guys could answer my questions because at this rate I had no mobility and people with decent dangling would go right around me and I know with my old chesty I would stop it. Also Idk if it is because it’s new so I can’t move well or what but I didn’t even notice many shots hit my chest or shoulder that my old one wouldn’t have saved. Also this part I’m mostly sure is because it’s new and stuff, but I can still feel some shots a little. PLEASE HELP
  7. Jonathon v

    Goalies Switching back to hybrid pads?

    Hey I’ve noticed goalies are switching to the more “hybrid pad” of the brand there in. Dubnyk went from 2s to 2x, lehner and raanta and almost every goalie went from the optik to the gnetik 4s which is the hybrid style. Is this becoming a trend again because they want more mobility?
  8. Jonathon v

    Is the Instagram “factorymad” legit

  9. He is telling me he can make my glove close better and have a floating T skate lace, how do I know he is legit? I know it’s a real company and he has 10000 follows on Instagram but he could still take the glove and never return it
  10. Jonathon v

    Brian’s Optik vs GNetik 4 blocker + Adding Lexan?

    First off I’m asking for a Bauer supreme 1s weight which is different secondly no one will see this cause it’s so far back
  11. Jonathon v

    Brian’s Optik vs GNetik 4 blocker + Adding Lexan?

    Anybody know?
  12. Jonathon v

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Oh. Sorry lol
  13. Jonathon v

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    It’s the gnetik 4
  14. Jonathon v

    Brian’s Optik vs GNetik 4 blocker + Adding Lexan?

    @TheGoalNet I’m gonna order my blocker either tomorrow or Monday and I need to know what to ask for in the specs, what did you ask them when you got the 2 extra pieces of padding in the blocker to match what Craig Anderson does? Also what do I ask them for lexan, do I jus ask them to put lexan in the blocker l. Besides that is there anything you did on your blocker to reduce a little weight on the gnetik 4
  15. Jonathon v

    Floating T on gloves

    Anyone know what leagues you can’t have a floating T in? Also is it true that a floating T makes the glove look less open