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  2. C&A: McKenney 870 in Large Pants: Warrior X2 Sr in Large Suspenders: Kenesky Used to have the inner belt in cinched up really tight, and then chesty tucked over top. Wore suspenders too on top and tucked under the floaters. Was pretty comfortable and held together while still mobile, but not perfect and the inner belt did seem to loosen up a bit throughout games and get sloppy. Trying something new as pictured - inner belt removed, pants super loose, chesty tucked and tied, and suspenders still under floaters but tightened up a bit to keep everything together. I really prefer a "one unit" kind of feel, so I think this will probably be a good move. Will edit/report back after Sunday puck though.
  3. G5 Pro has Hypercomp in the thigh, which will result in a stiffer thigh. G5 SR+ does not have Hypercomp. G5 Pro does not have the Profile Lock feature. G5 SR+ does.
  4. ...on the river? Fk yea, man. CCR. Forget dad-rock, I'm grandpa-rock.
  5. Clearly you've never been rollin', rollin', rollin'.
  6. I like announcers who highlight the exciting parts, and can fill in the boring spots with some interesting stories or jokes or something. Yea, knowing the game helps alot. As well as having an interesting personality or thinking quick on your feet. ...actually, if they could get like Chris Rock and Henrik Lundqvist, that would be cool. Chris brings the fireworks, and Hank the in-depth-behind-the-scenes stories.
  7. Never heard of Limp Bisquit. Sounds like a bad porno. Kids listen to some weird stuff these days.
  8. So you don’t want it to be exciting, or boring? I think a lot of it ends up being personal preference. I really love super informative guys Like Ray Ferraro and the Kings Color analyst. They provide really cool tidbits of information and just seem to know the game ridiculously well. But I like the exciting guys too like the Avalanche announcers.
  9. I don't watch too much hockey on TV these days, but when I do, it's all over the place: NHL, SEL, KHL, etc.. And the announcers are all over the place as well too. The NHL seems to over-do everything, announcers are screaming on routine/garbage goals like it's a Game 7 OT goal. Meanwhile the guy doing the Swiss league games on SRF is so boring it's almost like he's doing closed-caption: "the player shoots, and the goalie catches it in his glove". Yawn. The guy doing the Swedish SEL games in english is so monotone and just vomiting stats the whole time, I have to put it on mute or I can't enjoy the game. I'm just wondering why it's so hard to find good, interesting announcers? For sure there are some, but they seem to be pretty rare. Unless I'm just hitting a poor sample group?
  10. Not much action going on in these photos but nice to get a (extremely lopsided) pickup session in
  11. Welcome back! Glad you are able to get back on the ice again
  12. I lost track of time. Haven’t liked popular music for years.
  13. You mean 20 years back right? Significant Other - 1999 Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water - 2000
  14. I suppose now the guys who listened to those failed bakers of ten plus years back are now dads, so technically they’re now “Dad Rock”. I listen to grandpa rock, btw.
  15. So I overheard someone yesterday calling Limp Bizkit "Dad Rock". I can't be the only one who finds that notion hilarious right?
  16. Not going to apologize for the thread title LOL yes, today is the day I am back in goal! It’s been a long, long, long road back, but I’m back and I’m going for the title!
  17. Damn man, that sounds rough. I'm sorry to hear it! Glad you're getting back up and moving though.
  18. Oh yeah. Fortunately I've been able to keep reasonably active with weights at home, so the transition back to the gym over the last few months has been pretty okay. Ice has been a different story, with flexibility and stamina definitely taking a hit, so I definitely appreciate the suggestions to get that back!
  19. stiffness more than anything
  20. So I’m in a position that Warrior has been made available to me down in Australia, but I’ve not used it or know much about it What are the actual differences between the G5 Pro and G5 Sr+, because they seem awfully similar. thanks
  21. Last fall season I was skating out in a game. I got tripped and would have gone head first into the boards at full (my full) speed. Last second I turned my head and took the hit on my neck and clavicle. For MONTHS I moved slow because everything hurt. Then, as the healing was almost done, I went and got my vaccination. STUPID IDEA! I had a reaction that destroyed my immune system. Started out I had all the Covid symptoms except taste lost. With everything compromised, I caught your standard cold, but it put my on my ass. In total, I spent almost 8 months doing nothing. Last week I went back to my coaching role and found out that I can't demonstrate most things anymore because I can't breathe. So trying to talk people through what I want them to do while I'm showing them how to do it. Went to the grocery store today (first time as I had been ordering everything) and I was winded walking from my truck to the store. Just covered in sweat, can't breathe, people walking WAY around me because I look like a plague carrier about to turn zombie. So for as far as what I am planning to do for workouts? Right now it's just walking. I walk as far as I can, to right when I'm about to pass out or throw up or both and then I go home. I did a quarter mile today!
  22. How it go with painting? I covered up a few wear spots on a blocker with Angelus and the results were good, took a puck directly to it and no issues. Color match isnt exact but close enough.
  23. Are you saying more exports than imports? China? Naw, can't be
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