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  2. cwarnar

    Warrior sizing

    Yup. I use to wear the ARS Boot when I first got them. But boot straps are useless nowadays
  3. Mroy31

    Vaughn SlrX

    Yup, that's it. The dead giveaway this is April fools is that the graphic isn't a flipped clone of Mission
  4. Gives me Mission Hockey vibes.
  5. Mroy31

    Vaughn SlrX

    Is this graphic also stolen from something? I kinda like it
  6. That cleared up a question I had about the knee block. Was wondering how it was integrated to the pad. Like a plug straight into the pad, or if it was like if you carved the whole pad from one piece of foam So it's like an L shaped piece that would be plugged into the core from the inside edge of the pad I guess? Seems pretty solid.
  7. Okay, I’ll start small. What could be used to treat the wear spots, if anything?
  8. Today
  9. I acknowledge that this young woman is considered conventionally attractive by the vast majority of the population; a "smokeshow", a "rocket", a "swipey snipey", if you will. That said: not really my type.
  10. Disregard - she's Canadian ! Also has some good stats - maybe the habs should take a look at her for their back up goalie ?
  11. Wow you dirty pig - you obviously have too much time on your hand ! Thanks for the Community work you have made my day as well as my sons - is she Canadian ????
  12. Great looking skates ! Question - the tab in the middle of the holder is it permanant anchored there or its part of the blade ? Also are these 3MM or 4MM blades and do you know if Step will be making blades for these skates ?
  13. sescaro

    Vaughn SlrX

    Yeah, I’d think it’s almost certain. 30 years ago, when I got my first pair of pads with a knee lock, I thought, “This is incredible!” Never would have thought that I’d be wearing pads with only two pieces of Velcro and a bungee cord holding them on my leg.
  14. Haha Im kidding as well by posting this forum but I do seriously think that crazy tech like is in our future
  15. Because of this thread, my new Graf cowling less skates just arrived. I'm a size 12 shoe and bought an 11 Graf. They fit perfectly. Hopefully I'll be able to get them on the ice someday. -steve
  16. sescaro

    Vaughn SlrX

    Pair this with that Bauer ADV glove and Warrior’s new Perma-Edge skates (uh oh, did I spoil it?) and it’s been quite a big day!
  17. Oh my!! (Sorry ladies, you've got Hank, so...😁) http://traderumours.com/index.php?blog=14417
  18. A.YOUNGoalie13

    Vaughn SlrX

    Hellllllllloooo future. No strapps for these bad boys
  19. So do you just cut it to fit your mask
  20. Sure. Sorry I forgot they come in different thicknesses. Both are 3/8"
  21. Are they a specific size?
  22. Do you know if it’s the high low density up their? My dad is extremely concerned for some reason and that would make or break the decision to get a roughneck
  23. creasecollector

    Warrior G5

    I want my stuff to last over time. Pro will last a lot longer than SR level gear if you treat it right, plus the protection benefits outweigh Senior level protection all day long. It also depends on what piece of senior vs Pro gear we are talking about, brands, etc. In Beer Leagues, depending on the skill level, guys can REALLY shoot the puck. I personally need the protection and longevity that Pro gear offers, which is why I primarily wear full Pro gear (CCM, in my case). It also coms down to personal budgets also. I don't want another goalie to break the bank with Pro level gear, but if you can, it really is a good investment, assuming you treat year gear well and are going to be hanging onto it for a good number of years.
  24. I like the stock black foam so far. Its pretty comfy and protective.
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