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  2. I'd bet that the Flames equipment sale still has Hiller's old gloves. Guys almost never buy the full-right stuff, and there were three or four sets there a few years ago.
  3. I just want my damn koho 580 two-piece. Same one hiller wore. It can have any damn graphic you like
  4. I have CCM V04s which I suspect have the same boot as it has a large opening there as well (it looks closed but the middle "hump" doesn't touch the bottom of the boot). I made toe tie retainers for them - has worked well (as defined by the fact i can't blame it any GA on them specifically). (Edit: sorry - no idea why the images came out soooo big)
  5. So how secure do you guys use your toe strap/bungie strap? I have Reebok skates and middle opening is one big space which would mean my pro laces would be to far forward and not enough tension, but they are pretty snug when putting them at the last space under the heel. Again this is doing a dry fit at home as my first game with them is tomorrow night. so will have pro laces pretty snug and no boot strap ( as per most the advice ) to start off and see how it goes
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  7. Naz

    Bootstrap or Not ?

    I put both boot straps of my Vaughn Vision 3500's through the same hole. Crank 'em both right down as well.
  8. I have a set if bauer vertex step steel. They are of a 10r vertex cowling. Lots of blade left. 4mm The step has more steel on m then my new lsg1 blades. Been 1/2 sharpened since I had m. 75$ca shipped
  9. Thanks all! I ended up buying a Bauer 1s and 2s of the swap and I'm gonna see which one I like better. Matt from Hockey Reviews was the most passionate person I could find about blockers so I went with his recs haha.
  10. RichMan

    Bruises Through Pants

    Brown or Mckenney pants...real good! Been rocking Mckenney pants for 20 years.
  11. Still got mine for sale! It's all white (the red is pad wrap) so you can match it to your set fairly easily with pad wrap!
  12. I've tried all the variations of Lundy loop/no bootstrap/through different parts of the skate, and I still find that I like mine running under the heel. It is loose, but keeps the pads from riding up too much when in the butterfly and moving around.
  13. I've played around with the bootstrap quite a bit, and I've found I prefer to use it, but I run it under the arch of my foot instead of under the heel. Under the heel, even when worn loose it still puts additional strain on the ankles and that travels up through the knees and into the hips for me. Going with the Lundy loop and ditching it altogether feel exactly the same to me, but as a previous poster mentioned, depending on the how the pad is attached farther up, you can have the issue where the pad will ride up on the leg, which reduces coverage in extended situations and can result in no
  14. Is this still happening to anyone? I’m pretty sure that I remember when I felt the shot during warmups. I was surprised to see a bruise this weekend. I have a pair of Vaughn V7 Pro carbon pants that I’ve only had for 2.5 years. I wouldn’t think that they should be worn down so quickly.
  15. You can order a 580, a Potvin, or a Roy. When you put in your graphic request, you will need to ask for it or present a mock up. CCM is not planning on having a library of the retro graphics. @Chenner29 - Heaton / Koho / RBK / Reebok / CCM always owned the graphic piecces of it. All of Lefevre pieces are cut by a die and not a CNC. There is no issue I am aware of with Lefevre owning a graphic or file.
  16. Also heard 2022 from CCM’s Instagram. Apparently they’re still putting the finishing touches on the clear coat and deciding which material needs to go under the clear. For those of us with access to reps who knows we may get it sooner
  17. I meant on the timing of digital printing. According to the manager of the store I work at our CCM rep is more optimistic on availability this year. However, my source is secondhand from a rep who's job is to be upbeat about the product. I'm not saying I don't believe the manager, the rep, or you. TBH I'm debating skipping EF5 and waiting on printed gear, so I was just curious where you were hearing 2022.
  18. Exactly. Ultimately it comes down to feel and what gives you comfort and confidence. Optimal functionality is not really a potent motivator... Fleury and Holtby are 2 prime examples of that and look what they've done with themselves. Whatever gives you the best state of mind, go for it. Great advice. When you say your pads are riding up, are you saying there's a gap between the underside of the pad and the top of your skate? How tight is your upper calf strap on the inside of channel....tight enough to "suspend" the pad on your leg?
  19. Received it, tried it on, put it in my bag and never used it (thank you covid-19). It is a Large. Asking 500$ CAD shipped in Canada. I take e-transfers. Would trade for a new Warrior G5 Pro (NOT the + model) in size large. I'm in the Gatineau/Ottawa area. *Not posting pics as it hasn't seen any action other than getting shipped from Warrior to me.
  20. Ok i don't usually worry about arm length too much in ball. I usually cut out a small bit of the forearm piece anyways. Thanks
  21. Last week
  22. I would say a large. I'm 5'9 and my ice C/A is a large chest with medium arm. Our chest are usually shorther than other because the neck line is higher than most. The sizing is the same for the ball hockey C/A. I just tried a large to confirm, the arm a little long for me but they are adjustable, it can be shortened by 1 inch. Your best bet is a large in my opinion.
  23. Around 5'10 5'11. I use a medium for ice hockey but a lot of chestys don't fit me well in the arms. I have slightly longer arms that normal it seems. But Large usually seems to be too large. But the worst fitting one i ever had was a Bauer reactor 9000 pro size medium. Was so tight in the arms and couldn't stretch them. Made the straps all loose and ended up falling on my elbow, cut it, got infected, was a disaster. So some medium doesn't fit me well. Best fitting one is what i have now. A medium VE8 pro carbon. I also use my ball hockey super loose though and use a dangler for
  24. Thanks. Thinking about getting one. Trying to figure out sizes. I might order two and send one back that doesn't fit.
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