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  2. Agreed about the cost. Also it really depends how it’s marketed. I knew a guy once that was really excited because he had the opportunity to “get in on the ground floor” of a business where the premise was they took a (race) blown NASCAR engine block from a famous driver, cut it up into chunks about the size of a sugar cube, mount it on a plaque with supposedly the driver’s autograph and sell it for ~ $200. My comment was to start was any piece of cast aluminium cut to the size of a sugar cube could be marketed as a piece of some “famous engine”. Similarly if this material is marketed with value placed on some sort of heritage, it could also be the resurrection of P.T. Barnum. Of course per @coopaloop1234's comment, all this hype has led to some interesting speculation. Actually, thinking about it now, this is a great way to start a company: offer up some vague information to a ripe audience, see what the relevant public speculates ( now they know what to actually make) gather up positive suggestions (and avoid the negatives) and then make the business suit the favourable comments – free market research…
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  4. Im not gonna complain about it, nor am i trying to play the victim card. If they dont want me, i don't want to play for them. I want to play in front of a team and coaching staff that believes in me, and evidently, this team isnt. Whatever team takes me im going to prove to that the team I tried out for was wrong to not take me.
  5. As long as the prices aren't crazy high I think this will go well. There are places that buy used bunker gear from fire departments and make wallets, bags, back packs, and other items from it. Some of them charge crazy amounts for it, once place wanted $275+ to make a duffle bag, another $200+ for a backpack. Wallets most places run in the $50 range.
  6. as long as it doesn't stink like old gear then I'm game!
  7. Will be there! Need a new twig, but not sure how many they'll have this year. Last year I was only able to check out the 2S pro.
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  9. seagoal

    Bauer True Design

    This will be interesting to witness over time. Any time "offensive" is the line drawn in the sand, there's going to be an argument at some point about what is and isn't offensive. I'm curious to see how this plays out.
  10. Yup. Looks like the doors open around 11. I'll be there then.
  11. H'es ready for an outdoor game!
  12. Should be same sizing yes. In stores it will be. I'm at 20 and take 34, you should be good at 36+1
  13. Still planning on coming?
  14. Will try and check some stores. Pro and Senior have same sizing? Chance is higher to find some senior pads. Ground to mid of the knee is 58cm = 22.8"
  15. Ah, ugh. Well, that's life my friend. Fairness is always hypothetical and you 'll never completely escape some version of this type of stuff. It's all about how we respond. We can play the victim card or the motivation card and it sounds like you are on the right track.
  16. The sliced up leather Heaton pad just looks like the making of a badass motorcycle racing jacket that I would totally wear.
  17. C'mon Coop: you know it's all about getting people to websites and then counting clicks... That's the style today over-hype, over-price and under-deliver. You realize with comments like that you are meandering deeply into grumpy-old-man territory (it's OK if you're only there because you got lost - that happens a lot when you get old). Pretty soon you'll be looking for discount coupons for pancake houses. If you send me a PM, I''ll save a seat for you near the bathrooms...
  18. Adri

    G-NETik 8.0

    Hi, i have one question on the size. Actually i use a CCM retroflex SR in 34+2 and i want to know if with the G-netik 8.0 in 35+1 i'm ok?
  19. Toppi... Can you discuss the mods you've done?
  20. Based on the post with the taken apart gear, and then another post of the same pad put together, I think they might be rebuilding damaged gear or fixing gear
  21. There is only one reason why I will order custom versus waiting for gear to go on sale: to get the colours and specs I want. Otherwise, I will wait for all white to go on sale! Rarely do the colours I want go on sale, but will snap it up if they do! I will pay for what I really want. I am in the queue for a kelly green Factory Mad catch glove with extra backhand protection. That is something I will pay full freight and wait over three months to get. I will not buy first run Brian’s Optik37 (or whatever it is) pads in all white for full price. There will be ten sets at three different retailers at 30% off if I wait a year.
  22. Yeah, i hope so. Im going to join another team for the summer, and continue to work with my goalie coach As for other sports, Its funny. Ive tried essentially every sport to find one that A.) im somewhat good at and B.) enjoy playing it. I played soccer, tennis, baseball, soccer, and i was on the middle school track team. I ended up quitting every single one. I started hockey in the second half of middle school, loved it, and stuck with it. Plus, not sure if my parents would be ok with me playing another sport. I played on 3 different teams up till abt a month ago, for a month and a half i was working w my goalie coach 3 times a week ontop of the 3 teams, Plus, i have 2 younger brothers who also play hockey. Ill see what I can do, though. Thanks. Ill make them regret it.
  23. Could be the silliest thing ever, having a nearly as strong as my dominant hand left hand, but something tells me that I could actually be quite effective with a left hand blocker. I am almost perfectly ambidextrous. I would make it more like a practise palm than a functional catch and executed a bit differently than how Blackburn’s was done. Not that I am one to give one shit what others think, but I am looking for the enough push to do this. The donor blocker can be had CHEAPLY. For those unfamiliar, here is the Vaughn Blackburn left hand block/catch. G’d help me that I would never need this for the reason why Dan Blackburn needed this:
  24. @Max27 You are on the right track. Make them regret that you were cut.
  25. Which, to be honest, is a really nice thing to offer at a Senior price point. I already have one customer who's limited on funds, wants custom colors and is strongly debating going this route. Unfortunately he's having a dilemma because I've spent the last couple weeks showing him the difference between pro level gear and the Extreme Flex 2 760's (bottom end senior gear, way lower quality than the 2X) that he was in. Until the Bauer offering showed up he was totally on board with getting white EF3's and using Pad Wrap. It'll be interesting to see which way he chooses. Sadly you're right. Bauer has said they won't print anything offensive, but there's no requirement that a design be tasteful or not screamingly ugly.
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