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  2. Don't think I've heard of the term "double seal" before. But if it's just like you said and keeping both skates on their respective posts when the play is behind the net, then I think I know what you're talking about. It's a technique that requires a good amount of flexibility, core strength, and the gift of height. Being able to cover both sides while simultaneously being fluid and upright takes a lot of effort that, I think at least, should only be practiced once you have a decent grasp on RVH post play. I have a strong down game and am very comfortable in the RVH, but I don't have
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  4. welcome to the forums, he gets a custom 90 degree break on his TGN Spec Optik 2. Meant to replicate a 580 but it isnt quite. @TheGoalNet anything else to add about it that I missed?
  5. What is custom break in the glove? Apparently I need to ask this here
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    Want to putt profile avatar
  7. Hey Guys.I’m working with a goalie coach from the qmjhl here in Quebec and we were discussing various techniques. He has heard very little about the double seal and not sure about it’s technical breakdown. I tried looking on the internet for videos but couldn’t find anything good. Would you have anything you could share with me weather or be a video or technical breakdown? Really appreciate if you can! Thanks About double seal: Russian goalies use it a lot. I know Carter Hart talked about incorporating it in his game as well. Basically wide butterfly with skates on both posts when
  8. Thanks for that information. I am actually moving to NJ at the end of the year, where do you guys play? The rink I play at here in PA seems really lackadaisical about the whole situation. I guess I'll find out tomorrow how everything goes.
  9. Excellent post. I enjoy learning more about other routines and movements. The more you know... For those, like me, that have digressed so far from normal hip ROM that any 90-90 pose or movement leaves you leaning hard in the opposite direction of the 'rear' leg: Sit your front leg sit bone on a yoga block making sure that the sit bone of the rear leg is NOT - it should be floating. Getting some altitude will allow you to first get into the proper position, but more importantly, altitude will allow you to breathe, contract, hold and release your contraction as intended. Over time, you may
  10. A few folks wanted to take a look at some of my off ice routines... I'll put some stuff together here. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, physical therapist, or in any related industry. I've put together this stuff through some research, trial and error, and talking to various health professionals. Some of my ideas may not be correct, and I am not claiming to be an authority on the subject. Recommended tools: Lacrosse ball Balance Pad Foam roller Resistance Bands Yoga/Stretch Strap Intro: For most of us on this board, hockey has more or less fa
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    Start with GoalieTrainingPro. Maria’s videos and info are really good. has helped me avoid injury
  12. Welcome. Ya'll are the best. Tell Rance I screwed up my 20.1 order again
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  14. 90% of the gear that I purchase comes TGC. Can't recommend these guys enough
  15. Once again so into the doing of it that I forgot to take any pictures. It is going back together, I got the plastic done and it formed out very nicely except for the cup shape at the wrist. It didn't like any of my attempts with heat gun so I just used a torch to melt the plastic a bit and then used flat pliers to mold the the soft plastic. Looks awful but should be fine at that spot. Here's few pictures, one about the palm strap that didn't have enough space to tighten around my skinny hand and the velcro on the other end had torn some binding. Now it's 10mm farther and the other en
  16. Still for sale and will ship to Canada us.
  17. Most of your career, you’ve probably warmed-up with the rest of the team or been left to do your own thing. Either scenario leaves you with some know-how and knowledge gaps in exactly what a goaltender needs before a skate. Let’s get rid of the guesswork for you! Your position is unique, but only a fraction of your prep work needs to be goalie-specific. Let Dan Allison and Jess Buckley, Win Your Warm Up Co-Founders and professional strength coaches shed light on the process. When you’re in a pinch to get dressed for an adult league game, you can get away with some bare minimum stuf
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    cant speak on other goalies but Lehner I know tried a few sticks at the start of the 18-19 isles season, he had a warrior foamcore, than a cr1, than a v1 i believe, then used a cr2 , and stuck with it for the entirety of the year. I asked a goalie monkey rep about it, and he bought the remaining stock of CR2s in Blue, with the Bishop curve, and a 25 inch paddle. He got a bunch of different custom sticks during his hawks tenure, so i assume he just wanted to use his oddly beloved cr2s till he didnt have any more.
  19. My kids are playing. We live in NJ but have been forced to mostly play in PA. NJ just allowed league games last weekend, but my kids have been playing in PA since August for the most part. As for the rules - they've been changing. Some rinks allowed parents in the rink, some don't. Some will let us in the snack bar/ restaurant to watch (snack bars are packed!) while the stands are empty. Nobody really has this figured out right now, so we just roll with it. My kids teams mostly just tailgate with a parent streaming the game through facebook live. We have TVs in the parking lots with
  20. MTH

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    Thanks again. Funny how many goalies will have new team gear yet use their old sticks. Out of all the equipment, changing your stick is the easiest. The Whalers mask on the Canes is ironic. Also the reverse flow writing is unique.
  21. welcome devin always fun to talk to someone of your store or buy stuff from TGC , waiting to see what next with brians before calling you
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    for now 3month i do 1 hour training at home ( because of covid 19 ) and 30min mobility its work well i see better result.. my asking was about if i go with a softer pads did my body going to thank me or not hehe
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    Brian's 2020 catalog.
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    Vaughn Hockey's 2020 catalog.
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    ahh gotcha. I figured since they said it was similar to speedskin but not quite it was more specifically designed for them. I havent followed Brians super closely honestly, but if i was to leave warrior (which i wont 😼 @Kirk3190 ) I would totally get Gnetiks. The Primo seriously impressed me when I checked them out on the gnetik ivs and optiks in person. Could totally see them being the best sliding pad on the market even if that can be more subjective.
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