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  3. This place would’ve never existed if it wasn’t for GSBB. With Respect R.I.P. GSBB Long Live the Goalie Network
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  5. I believe that the length is the same across all sizes unless it says +1 and +2.
  6. I'd assume its final considering how long they've been working on the 12.2. I would have loved to been able to order a pair by the holidays, I also think it would've given Lefevre an advantage over the other brands to establish their own distinct release schedule so their gear would be more focused on.
  7. Thanks, Still trying to find some black pairs, is the length the same on all sizes the don't have +1 or +2?
  8. CCM Pro Goalie Pants, Fit 1 (I'm a 32 waist and they fit me perfectly). Royal Blue colour. Asking $250 CAD or $195 USD. Buyer pays shipping if needed, from L9T6S5. Located in Milton, Ontario. New without tags. Tried them on in my house with other gear and it just wasn't a match for me. Pro pants.
  9. dstew29

    True AX9 Sr

    Has anyone used this stick yet? I put one on hold with a black friday discount, but having second thoughts that I should have just went with another CMM (Axis). Currently in the EF4 and it's been good experience. Also, any opinions out there on playability of square heel (True) vs rounded (CCM)?
  10. Brutal, would have been a perfect time to get an order in by yearend. You think they're still fine tuning the stock retail design or is it probably final given they've started producing/shipping out pro sets already?
  11. I believe a fit 1 is closer to a medium than a small. I have a pair of fit 2 14a's and I recall the waist measurements being 36-38 inches.
  12. I had originally heard Late 2020/Early 2021, but now it has changed to Spring 2021 for the retail customizer.
  13. Is a fit 1 more like a small or medium?
  14. Thanks. I looked, nothing my size. Hopefully they get more soon.
  15. Check out the goalie crease. They had some pro returns a little while ago and might have some left overs.
  16. Anyone have an inside track on when retailers might start taking pre-orders for 12.2 line? I keep hearing retail production in Spring 2021, but pre-orders should typically be sooner, right?
  17. I’m the @TheGoalNet junior version with all the not insider information. Insider tip, he told me he was jealous of all my junior insider info🤫
  18. I never got it to work. Maybe because it was TGN spec (the best 😁) and those are cheaper than the other kinds. I had this issue before. Not a big deal, I was gonna pick up a spare set. Mine are still going strong.
  19. @Steph Lawa can we get a post????
  20. This workout? I know a bunch of pairs were sold. If not, let me know
  21. Individual pics arrived and were taken prior to duct tape failure Blocker is easily my favorite looking part of the set thanks to a minor graphic adjustment
  22. Does anyone know where I can find a brand new all black pair in fit 1 or 2? looking for pretty much any of HPG 12, 13 or 14. I've been using CCM Premier (in a Medium right now) for years and never had issues, until this year when my pants ripped on both sides after 5 months of use.
  23. Last week
  24. The arms are great no stingers at all but just enough to know you got hit (which I want). Took a while to break in and become flexible but it’s holding up very well and I’m super happy with it.
  25. Finally, thanks for not carrying over nonsense "traditions" from a dead website. Although are teams even practicing to be able to get any pictures of gear?
  26. Nice, good to know. @GOAL92M this young fella can give you good insider info on junior gear.
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