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  2. Whatever you get, wrap it in a gigantic rubber. Safety first .
  3. cwarnar

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    I came from a Warrior GT1 Pro. I'm now in Optik 2 Max Core Pads. The boot is soft but due to the torsional stiffness the Optiks will player boxy and taller compared to Warrior. After a few skates you won't notice the difference. Butterfly in the Optik 2 is the most solid I've used and the Primo is next level sliding (you'll overslide a ton until you adjust). And the hot rebounds are an added bonus. I used 2X Pro demos for a skate in the summer and they were much stiffer overall when compared to both the Optik 2 and GT Pro.
  4. Hey all... I've been reading online reviews but I'm in need of a new set of tires for my 17 Explorer XLT. The great folks at Ford were nice enough to put ultra performance sports car tires (Hankook Ventus S1 noble2) on my 4600 lbs SUV. Looking for opinions on what people have liked or disliked on their SUV/CUV. Right now I've got it down to 2 possibles, the BFG Advantage T/A Sport LT and the Bridgestone DUELER H/L ALENZA PLUS. looking for a touring or all season tire vs a performance or all terrain tire.
  5. RyanR3KC

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    Thanks for the input Johnathon. im coming from a Warrior GT2 Senior so i was also interested in the Bauer 2X
  6. This - plus wax the tape along the bottom edge.
  7. Just a guess: Get some pics of yourself in different play situations: I bet the only part of your stick resting on the ice is the heel. This was a common problem with wood sticks back in the day when the only variable was lie. Worn heel meant you needed a lower lie.If the heel is the only thing touching in your stance you may need to adjust the paddle length.
  8. Lucky Pucker


    This was from a while back, but the resto bar at our league rink has windows looking down on the rinks. My buddy had played earlier, and went to the bar after. He snapped this pic of his Creemore while watching my game (he must have been pretty quick; there were not many chances to get a pic of me NOT getting scored on in that game!)
  9. It wouldn’t have been as creepy if the old man across the street wasn’t also yelling it at me (though I’m pretty sure he’s NOT a goalie, so I don’t know what “US” he’s referring to... 🤔) so when can I expect my “One of Us” T-shirt ...?
  10. Well, a yearish, give or take; when I “tried out” with them in a September pre-season, it was about a year and half since I started, but minus about 4 months with an MCL sprain. I think all told, I’ll be at about 2 years (minus MCL injury) come March/April. I appreciate the kindness, @seagoal (even if it was a moderately inebriated version of you - lol)! If I’m seen as a “Regular” on here, it is because I want to learn. Well, that, and I want to post smart-ass comments with relative anonymity - but mostly it’s the learning. As I posted in the “Introduce Yourself” thread, the 6 year old me that fell in love with goalie tending had to wait 35 years to get the chance to try it, so I want to do all I can to make it fun and rewarding. This community has been so good to me, and I really appreciate being part of it. Cheers, folks!
  11. I second this. "Vintage Goalie Equipment" is the group I am in on FB. These will get snapped up!
  12. Jonathon v

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    If you want stiff pads with a soft boot get optik 2 MAX core or even FLY. Boot is pretty soft
  13. Brightened it again. Looks like either weave or something new on the boot
  14. that's so awesome. Great to hear!!
  15. RyanR3KC

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    I’m in this same debate right now. so the questions I’ve been floating are these: ”Get GNetik, but go with their stiffest option with soft boot?” ”Get Optik2, but go Flex option with soft boot?”
  16. My buddy tries and fails almost every Tuesday at our pick up game. It's crazy difficult in a game. He does it easily in warmups.
  17. Ha, I was a bit. Post game tournament party
  18. Rob, I would strongly recommend the various Facebook groups that trade in vintage goalie gear. You will almost certainly find what your looking for in short order.
  19. For floor hockey yes I’m still using my own goalie pads. I just installed a set of Kenesky Speed Sliders on them. I’ve only used them once with the speed sliders but they seem to slide better than the hook Velcro I was using before.
  20. You must have missed the cerimonial chants we yelled at him through our computer screens one night: "One of us! One of us! One of us! One of us!". It was creepy, but it needed to be done. After all, he's one of us now. It's a goalie thing.
  21. Us beer league guys better watch out backs (literally). It's only a matter of time before these young guns coming up tries this and scores in a beer league game/shinny with his buddies watching. Has anyone ever been scored on like this before? It's okay, we don't judge on here. Unless it's Coop. He may judge you
  22. I’m looking for a good home for these classics. Shipping from Ontario.
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