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  2. Sitting around the house with your brand new gear and playing with it is half of the fun of a new set. Breaking in the glove is a part of that too. I love it. Though, i do like gloves that are "easier" to break in.
  3. I can confirm at almost 100% that it is purely a coincidence. When you are making a logo for the name Fusion, the obvious thing that comes to mind is an atom.
  4. It's very straightforward. There are lots of good youtube videos to fallow along with
  5. Any pro-shop that does basic gear repairs should be able re-lace your glove for you. Depends on what's open right now, though. Perimeter lacing is dead simple, if annoying/finicky to do. Pocket lacing might look complicated but it's basically three repeated motions. Might as well try doing it yourself if your rinks are closed.
  6. Curious, what people are out there that can relace gloves? I have a glove with a triple T that I'd like to relace with skate lace pocket, and after seeing everyone elses I've come to realize that.... well I relace my gloves like crap HAHAH Wanted to make the triple T a floating skate lace pocket, and possibly relace the perimeter with skate lace as well. Seems simple enough and I've done it a bunch in the past. Just this time I guess I got cold feet. Is there anyone who can do it well, and most importantly affordably. Figured a Black waxed skate lace pocket and perimeter will bring the amount of black I'd like to the glove. Thanks!
  7. You and me.both... I'm guessing COVID and no one skating???
  8. Oh wow. I thought it was possibly a play off of Bauer's Reactor line since JRZ built those pads I believe.
  9. I always enjoy getting gloves and breaking it in, its ritual at this point even if its "butter" out of the box
  10. Back in 2006 a company that I was working with produced a diving Drysuit called Fusion. Interesting to see that JRZ is using the same logo on their Fusion pads. Coincidence? I wonder if someone who works there is/ was a diver.
  11. Like you I'm a pro palm guy, and like you I just made the switch with my Axis to game ready after doing some thinking. I still think it will be stiff but not as stiff, and I will have fun breaking the thing in but in all honesty I'm getting sick of it haha. But a goalie gotta do what a goalie gotta do!
  12. Decent glove? Pretty sweet deal.
  13. I wouldn't say I enjoy doing it so much as I am not bothered by it. It's always been part of the process. I sure wouldn't be opposed to not having to deal with it though that's for sure. As such, I voted for take it or leave it.
  14. I take it prices on their site is in CAD?
  15. Aside from how we’ll pads slide, or how light they are, or how big the rebounds, the next thing I see mentioned nearly as often is how a glove closes from the factory. Personally I enjoy the process of breaking in a glove. It’s a ritual to me. Something that takes some time and effort, and as a result is pretty gratifying when it’s just right. Maybe my age is showing, but as part of the order I just placed for an Axis it’s the very first time I’ve ordered a game ready glove. Not only am I a 580 guy... but also a pro palm guy. So this is a big change for me. At one point the pro palm was for the additional protection, but since then it was just the joy of breaking it in properly. Doing it right vs. doing it quickly if you will. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t get the desire for gloves that you can use in a game right out of them box. Tell me what you like and why...
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  17. Go for it. Now is the time to buy.
  18. Smeds35

    JRZ gear

    Good idea that stock grpahic can be busy. So far after a million carpet flys later i can say i do really like the pads cant wait to get on the ice here soon! @Vaytch Loved your review/look through on youtube even though its in French
  19. Man that is an awfully tempting idea.
  20. What I bolded is an excellent point, I had not thought of that.
  21. Or some of us can help free of charge 😉
  22. Vaytch

    JRZ gear

    I've worn Fusion gear for a year now, if you have questions let me know !
  23. Really surprised this hasn't moved yet. Pro model on GoalieMonkey is $599.99. You have this priced at $100 over their senior model price. If I didn't have a custom Kenesky and a CCM pro return, I'd be all over this
  24. Have a broker receive it for you in Canada, they can then ship it to the US I think you pay double the shipping, but if the savings warrant, it should be worth it. You're getting a double discount in the US (Conversion rate and sale price)
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