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  2. I am forever and always a chin cup guy. I need that security.
  3. Have you tried attaching some industrial hook and loop to either side of your chesty/ neck guard? (Almost a Brian's Optik/ B-Star chesty with adjustable neck piece?) in theory you wouldn't need to even use the strap around the neck. I may be wrong, but I do my own mods via contact cement and/or the before mentioned route.
  4. Saving The Best For Last! www.secondstringleather.com
  5. I like the old Bauer logo better
  6. Sorry guys. One last question before I finalize the order. Anyone have any experience with both the chin cup and sling or any advice. wondering if a sling would keep the helmet as secure or if it’s likely to shift more when you turn your head quickly? thanks!
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  8. These technically do not qualify for this thread but since it is a thread discussing Vaughn graphics... Wow. Talk about originality.
  9. Coffee out the nose.
  10. While I don’t want to discourage innovation, I’m thinking the back-mounted Camelbak and tube will cause more problems than it would solve. I have thought in the past about mounting a Camelbak-type reservoir to the net with the bite-valve tube coming out. For me, this would address how difficult I find it to palm my bottle with my blocker glove on and/or remove my blocker glove to take a drink. Would also address the broken bottle issue. As for players shooting at you when you are turned around, not sure that would help much. Maybe a flashing sign of some kind on the back of your jersey?
  11. I was actually thinking that a carbon fibre/kevlar shell over a small Camelback would be just the ticket. They used to make a small bladder for runners and hikers and am certain they still do. And one could still hit their face with water if you bend the bite valve with your fingers. Great idea; may have to figure this out for myself...
  12. My alterations woman made a near seamless alteration on Beaupre. Yes- wrong era sweater; should been Caesere or Gump, but it is perfect for Don!!!!
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    2X Pro

    Is this what you mean
  15. You wouldn't really notice it. It'd be small and streamlined, secured on the backplate. plus, goalie masks, knee pads and cowlingless skates were deemed to be foolish once upon a time.
  16. It'd be smaller. Probably about 1 liter max, on a semi rigid shell so it doesn't burst on plays. The point is so you don't feel like it's there. I'm just thinking about it. Nothing practical yet. The main reasoning too is for practices, drop ins where people don't wait for the goalie, etc. It's purely a convenience thing.
  17. After Byron Dafoe, Razor was a huge influence to my goaltending style as I was getting into high school. Awesome stuff TGN 👊🏻
  18. Yeah, I’d probably pass. I’ve only had a bottle knocked off once, because I give so many other goal-scoring options to the shooters. But way to think outside the bottle! Er... I mean way to think outside the box. Sorry; It’s beer o’clock here and I’ve been drinking...I mean, supporting small business.
  19. Interesting thought. I wouldn't do it myself, mostly for the same reasons @BadAngle41 provided but as well as that I've never found it to be an issue to drink during games and drop ins usually give you enough time to do so as well. I think a better approach would be for one of these in our nets:
  20. I'd stick with a water bottle personally. Not only do I use it to drink... but also spray down my face and my neck during skates. Wouldn't be able to do that with a camel back. Also... not sure I want actual water weight on me when playing. Granted I doubt you'd be filling 2L+ of water... but still. As for breaking bottles... try staying on your feet more so guys don't have the room to roof it and get that exploding water bottle they're always after. Kidding of course.
  21. No way, I think that would look way too foolish 😂. If you try it though let me know how you like it.
  22. I recently had an idea to implement a camel-pack style water carrier, secured on my back plate, instead of using a water bottle. The main reason is due to the fact that during drop ins, practice, and beer league games, players and refs dont seem to be too considerate when my back's turned, helmet off, and not ready to play when they roar down the ice and almost take my head off with a shot. I'm also sick of having to keep buying bottles when they break. What do you guys think? Would you use one instead of the standard bottle?
  23. i re-tried the 2S and CCM 600 - it does feel very similar, despite some minor differences. with my list, it's purely based on how it felt on my hand, so it may not be completely accurate
  24. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    To have further differences between vapor and supreme gloves, they don’t offer the offset for the supreme, so why offer the straight for the vapor?
  25. @Lucky Pucker You can also use weave and matte to add some depth to the graphic
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