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  2. my matrix air jock is still kicking, 13 years later. still excellent protection, recently tested in warmups
  3. Sounds like you should do what James Remier does with his cuff. I have attached a couple of pictures to show it. Would be alot more easier to do and get you the movement you want.
  4. Hi friends, I recently got a Hyperlite set to replace an outgoing Warrior G3 set. The pads and blocker are great, but one thing I can’t get used to is the glove. I have narrowed the cause of this down to the cuff on the back of the glove - On the warrior, well there isn’t one really - so you have superb mobility. On the Bauer, the cuff extends on the back of the glove to cover a portion of the back of the wrist which I’m finding is interfering with my movements. The question really is simple - how hard do you think it would be to remove the cuff piece and the wrist strap without hacking the glove to bits? Cheers!
  5. Here are some of my custom made Bauers. The all black NXG where my second custom set built for me, one of my favorite pairs I have. The 1st was all black Bauer Pros ( orange trim ones). I had 2 pairs of the Pros. One pair built for me and one bought as a back up used from the Qmjhl goalie. The Ultrasonics are my newest pair I just bought last night.
  6. I did see the prices go up like you said online, Trues website and others. If your going to change the holders out to Bauer, you mine as well just go with custom Bauer and save yourself the added extra cost of switching them out after. Your pretty much adding another $250 to $300 on top of the Trues to do that.
  7. Nice graphic, will be nice to see the different colour zones in use.
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  9. thanks a lot for the advice it really helps, but I got a question, I'm not sure if its just a glitch on the true website but now that they came out with there new TF9 custom skates they raised the price by a few hundred dollars which I somewhat understand but im confused because when you go to select different custom options it says there free except for the custom steel so that might be a deciding factor and If I were to buy trues I would most defiantly change the holders out for the Bauers because I go through steel like nothing and the true blades are super expensive and take months to get to where I live, thanks again
  10. Awesome, thank you! I should have clarified I was looking for 3mm on the ice. Number 1, I believe fits that bill so I’m going to order it.
  11. https://tydanblades.ca/products/diamondedge-true-goalie-skate-blades-2-piece https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Step-Steel-True-Two-Piece-Goalie-Skate-Runners-VH-Custom-Hockey-Skates-Blades-/274600293142?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=706-127636-26712-0
  12. Honestly it's what you want and what is going to give you the best custom fit. Also price wise too, it's how much do you want to spend. There is thread or two on here that shows True have some really bad quality control issues in fhe last while, also I believe unless you order only the boots all the steel on True goalie skates is there own line as Step Steel was bought out by CCM. So steel might be issue to find for while. I picked a pair of pro return True Skates, (that are now for sale) and I did like the looks and finish on them but I found the boots didn't work for me. I couldn't get the right fit with them and even after molding them found the boot opening too narrow. Now Bauer custom, I have been using them for the passed 8 years and I found back then up until a while ago there was plenty of options for them through the custom program and there wasn't a upcharge with the options you wanted, where as True there is an upcharge on alot of stuff. I have seen in the 2021 custom catalog Bauer seems to limit what you can get but I have read online the full custom program instore seems to have more options for you. I have attached the pages from the custom catalog with rhe skate info in them and this seems very simple but I have heard there are more options. I just picked up a pair of pro return Jake Ottengier custom Ultrasonics which would be the 6th pair custom Bauer goalie skates I have had, 2 pairs I had custom made for me. I find Bauer custom skates are alot nicer looking too, there isn't any messy seems or glue showing. So alot comes down to personal preference, must advice is go to store thwt offers both custom brands and see what they say and what you come up with.
  13. Does anyone make a 3mm blade for the true goalie skates with the old style holder?
  14. currently I have the first generation custom true 2 piece skates and I've had them for almost 3 years now and I love them but after not skating for 6 months because of Ontario covid regulations they feel a bit smaller then I remember and since I've had them for 3 years I'm due for a new pair. I've came down to ether the new 2 piece true skates or some Bauer custom skates I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I should get and what the pros and cons are for both of them. thanks
  15. I indirectly called the pick yesterday, saying the 22nd pick would go to Cossa (used it to move up)! Excited for the young guy and see where his career goes
  16. Yzerman moves up and takes Cossa in the draft tonight. GIVE ME ALL THE GOALIES.
  17. Made my first speedy stitcher repair ever today. It was neither speedy nor a nice stitch, but it might hold together
  18. Hell yeah man. For me I'm playing both in div 4/5 and then 40+ and that's my comparable tale, for sure. I do a lot of verbal self-talk when playing. I routinely tell myself "the score doesn't matter, the shots don't matter, the hockey in front of you doesn't matter. What matters is the next shot and the most important save you'll make tonight is the next one. Find a way to be effective." I have Stay Present, Stay Calm painted on my masks, too. This is all learned psychological tactics over the years. I am much more concened with being effective these days rather than "good."
  19. Last week
  20. Yes, also anything from the slot tends to bobble and just be very unpredictable. Yes, team in front of you is a huge factor as well! I've had to learn how to get out of my own head and distance myself from the shots/scoreboard. That's honestly one of the hardest things I've had to learn since aging out of travel hockey 16 years ago (!) and one I'm sad to say I'm finally nailing down. My local rink ranges from Gold (ex Junior, NCAA, Pro) to Tin Can (beginner). I'm playing in Silver and 35+ this season (my first in "old man league") The coverage in front of me is (mostly) great in Silver - I'm seeing shooters funneled to the bad or dead angles, slot coverage is mostly adequate (but it's beer league still so lol)...while in 35+ I get a lot more "random bullshit go" plays develop in front of me. Forecheck patterns in Silver are routine as these are primarily folks who grew up playing organized hockey. As there are more or less established forcheck patterns (cycle, dump n chase, point man set up, etc). Where it starts getting weird is some of the shit that happens in 35+. Broken plays where my D gets a stick/shin/skate on a pass or shot but can't control it afterwards, he's doing pirouettes trying to find it BUT there's a random forechecker that's somehow in perfect position just outside the left post to pick it up and jam it off the post and in... A perfect centering pass from a dead angle where the passer's stick angle and body language clearly indicates he's trying rim it behind the net (like why are you rimming it in the first place), but somehow fumbles its way into the slot...or he does actually rim it but it doesn't have enough oompf behind it and it pops off the glass, over the net into the slot... What about those weak shots that gently caress your jersey and now you don't know where the hell it is because you didn't feel it hit you but now it's in the slot and oh fuck my defenseman is in the corner saying hi to his kids that came to watch him play Etc.
  21. VAN D Oliver Ekman-Larsson F Conor Garland ARI F Antoine Roussel F Jay Beagle F Loui Eriksson 2021 1st-Round Pick 2022 2nd-Round Pick 2023 7th-Round Pick
  22. The all anticipated Seth Jones Trade: Chicago receives Seth Jones and signs him to an 8 year, 9.5 million AAV extension, 2021 1st Round Pick (#32) and a 2022 6th Round Pick. CBJ receives Adam Boqvist, 2021 1st Round Pick (#12), 2021 2nd Round Pick (#44) and a 2022 1st Round Pick.
  23. So for basically the same price (a 1st and a 2nd), Philly got Ristolainen while Vancouver got OEL, Garland, AND dumped a bunch of salary? Yes pelase Vancouver. Only downfall is the long term money to OEL.... They have 18.8 mil in cap space and still need to sign Petterson/Hughes, plus others.
  24. Coyotes trade Oliver Ekman-Larsson (retaining 12% of OEL's salary) and Conor Garland to the Canucks, in return for Jay Beagle, Antoine Roussel, Loui Eriksson, a 2021 1st Round Pick (9th pick), 2022 2nd Round Pick, and a 2023 7th Round Pick.
  25. Yeah....I've done that with cars sometimes...hockey equipment other times....
  26. Risky, but wise words my friend.
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