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  2. It's not scientific but here is my recent experience..... I currently wear Bauer 32+1. I've had them for 7-8 years. I'm looking for a change as my Passau knee pads are wearing out and I can get a used set of pads for the price of new knee pads, so the search begins. I went to a local play it again sports and tried on some Reebok 33+1 pads and some CCM 32+1 pads. The Reeboks were pretty much bang on in terms of the landing pad for the knees. The thigh rise was higher than my Bauers though, but I had no issue in going down in butterfly in the store (with my pants and skates on too). The CCMs felt like they were riding a little higher. That may partially have been the thigh wrap interacting poorly with my pants. But they didn't feel right. So, I can't comment on Bauer vs Vaughn, but if the 31+1 are getting too small (I always size my kids' pads by where their knees land), then a 32-33 should be fine. The extra thigh rise may interfere with your pants though. IIRC, the Reeboks were 24K senior pads and P2s. The CCMs were Eflex800 I think in 32". I'm also 5'6"-5'5" with a size 7.5 skate.
  3. Holy crap, that's my home rink, but I don't recognize anyone in there. So as far as the unis go, they're provided when you sign up for the Draft Tournament. I've never managed to go, but it's a tourney that moves city to city and whacky themed unis are part of the deal. So far Columbus has had National Team Uni's, (2017) Not So Hockey Nations uni's (these from 2018) and Big 10 Schools for themes so far. Other themes that I've seen have looked way better. https://www.drafttournament.com/blog/columbus-ohio-adult-beer-league-ice-hockey-tournament-fourth-jersey-revealed/
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  5. @Max27 I agree - it certainly can be a touchy issue. I think you have to sell it as "how we can better work together to reduce GA". A good approach is a suggestion about how a change in their play that can help you, as opposed to making it about their shortcomings. Of course, there will always be the guys who's only reply is "just do your job and stop the puck". If you have a bunch of those people on your team, you are doomed to stagnate... Having said all that - I would gladly take input from my team - they watch me play all the time. I would love to have them say something like "you are getting beat on X play because of Y". Of course that assumes they know a thing about goaltending - which most don't. I made a comment to someone the other day that, because goalies are always watching and involved in the game, and are always trying to figure out what a forward will do, we probably know a lot more about the other 2 positions than they ever will about ours.
  6. ThatCarGuy

    G4 Thread

    Awl for all works too
  7. I’m with RBC and they were useless on helping me figure it out the first time I called but I called back and got a good agent that helped me set up a free USD savings account. You need a separate savings account in USD to receive your money, once I set that up it was easy to move the money from sideline to my USD account. Just call and any agent can set one up, then you just enter the account number on the sideline swap site and the money will move within 24-48 hours.
  8. oh youre right my percents were off was going off my latest sale
  9. Hate that site, sell it for 125 and accept something within 100 to 120 becaus they will take 10 or 12% from your sale... anything I sold there I got the guys to go off site and we dealt with it. You have better options to sell like Facebook groups, kijiji if in Canada.
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  11. It goes down to 12% total (9% seller fee and 3% payment processing) after 5 sales. I've been tempted to try selling some older stuff on there but didn't realize there was a currency issue for Canadian sellers.
  12. I dont tell my teammates on any team how to play their position. I figure if i wouldnt like being told by them how to do mine, i wouldnt think theyd enjoy it back.
  13. its not just new members, its for everyone. ive been on sideline swap since 2017 and they still take 15%. gotta make money somehow eh?
  14. Gotta love those 10-9 wins. Love watching you play. Your footwork is really good.
  15. Reminds me of the original Warrior tabletop boot they had before the NHL made them add the sewn in hump at the boot. Also made them add at least one leather strap by the knee when it was all elastics. This was back when the Ritual G2 was coming out.
  16. Puckstopper

    G4 Thread

    I just used one of these to go over the stitching on my GT2 set that had a similar issue. Problem fixed! It only took about 10 minutes and once you have a sewing awl you'll find all sorts of uses for it. http://www.speedystitcher.com/
  17. Chenner29

    Lefevre going solo

    Some new pics that were posted this morning.
  18. 88goalie

    G4 Thread

    Hi all looking for some help. My landing gear stitching is coming undone. I have had my pads for probably 6-8 months. I read about this issue before and also saw that Warrior fixed it. Something about the wrong stitch count. I thought I would be safe because my pads came after this.
  19. I was thinking about trying to sell some things there but don't like the 15% they take from new members sales. It's not much but still sort of bothers me. It's old and older stuff that would be a waste of time trying to sell anyway. Would be fine donating if I can find a good place or see what a PIAS would give me.
  20. Peter36

    Help with Sizing

    I currently wear what bauer says is the equivalent of their old 31+1 pads. I'm looking into moving into 33+1.5 Vaughn pads. However, I heard that bauer pads tend to run smaller than other brands, up to an inch (can anyone confirm this?). I'm about 5'6" and I think getting 33" should give me enough growing room for next season, but I'm not sure. Could anyone help me out? I'm in a place where there aren't any stores or places to get sized.
  21. Another one for Bauer 1x knee pads, also CCM Pro's. I really liked the CCM Pros and didn't think anything would replace them, the Lefevre design was really good. Then I picked up a set of 1x knee pads on Boxing day. Honestly I like the fit and feel of the 1x, very minimal and the fit is amazing. I used the garter belt with them and they never even budged one bit. I also picked up pair of the new Adaias socks to go over them, haven't used hockey socks in 20 years but I figure with the knee pads and new style of socks I would give them a go. I have had a good run on knee pads, the list is as follows, - Brown 2100 - Bauer Supremes ( 1st run) - Passau - Brian's Pro - CCM Pro's - Factory Mad
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  23. Modified 60. Baseball style closure. Similar to the Bionic, Summit et al
  24. I don't know, however if you get in touch with Dave Wilcox at Kenesky, he should be able to help you. I believe he designed most of the TPS line.
  25. Thanks for the feedback everyone! It is very helpful. Sounds like the 2000 is probably close to what I am looking for.
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