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  2. Essentially, 14% if your head is average size around 10 lbs. I chose 4 lbs and 2 lbs helmets because they are about the range from the heaviest and lightest models out there. I chose a human head weight range of 8 and 12 ponds as the lower and upper range of human head mass. I wanted to see if the weight of the helmet also has a different effect on a small person or children head vs a big head adult. The effect of the helmet's weight is more pronounced for the lightest head. To illustrate the problem, imagine an extreme example of an helmet that weight 90 lbs with a 10lbs weight inside to mimic the mass of the head. The total would be a 100 lbs. Put it on the ice and hit it with a puck traveling 100MPH and the puck hit it so square on a flat spot and it doesn't ricochet and come back on it's track slightly. That ridiculously heavy helmet would start sliding back at about 5MPH. Now lets take a 2 lbs helmet with a 10 lbs weight in it and do the same: it would start to slide at 19.3mph, lets say 20MPH. The brain inside both of those ball doesn't care if sits in either helmets. In one case, it acquire 5 mph of kinetic energy while in the other one it acquire close to 20MPH. In the second case, the brain mass has acquire 4 time the speed of the average head in a light helmet. K=0.5⋅m⋅v2. The kinetic energy acquired by the brain would be 16 time or 1600%. I just did that rational but with a much smaller difference between the helmets weights.
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  4. Concussions seem to be caused by rapid acceleration of your head, which causes your brain to rattle around inside your skull and deform. Knowing this, we can infer a few things thanks to some basic principles of physics. For example, a heavier mask, having more mass and thus being more difficult to accelerate, would presumably reduce concussions more than a lighter mask would, because more energy would be required to move the mask (and thus your head). The question would be how heavy would a mask needs to be before it's increased mass made a substantial difference; it could very well be (and I suspect this to be the case) that the mask would have to be prohibitively heavier to provide any kind of benefit, making the weight of the mask a non-factor in reducing concussion related injuries from puck impacts. In terms of geometry smaller surface areas that create oblique angles relative to incoming pucks, such as the ridges commonly found along the forehead and brows of many goalie masks, will result in pucks skipping off of the mask without expending all of their kinetic energy into it. Pucks that strike our masks at right angles, where the trajectory of the puck is perpendicular to the surface of the mask, transfer more energy into our mask, head, and brain. Basically, it's better to get a puck off the front of our mask, where there are very few flat surfaces for the puck to strike, than the side of the mask. Related to that is shell materials. Stiffer shells deform less, which means pucks contact less of the mask and transfer less energy, so stiffer materials increase the amount of energy that gets deflected away from our heads. Less energy transfer to our heads means less acceleration, and presumably fewer concussions. I can't really imagine how goalie masks could be better designed for preventing concussions, outside of making them larger, more spherical (to reduce flat faces), and adding more liner materials. All of which strike me as being somewhat detrimental to our performance (think a football helmet, but made of Kevlar and fibreglass, and lined with lots of high-density foam. I wouldn't want to wear that on the ice). Mask geometry strikes me as being about as good as we'll ever have, because the human head naturally has large flat surfaces and we can't really do anything about that. I think whatever advances get made in goalie mask technology are going to be from shell and liner materials, both of which have an upper limit on how much they can protect our head because, at the end of the day, there's only so much energy three pounds of Kevlar and high-density foam can deflect and absorb before our brains start rattling around.
  5. Nah, you're doing fine In the psu study I do find it interesting that between masks there is a small magnitude of difference, with regards to layup, etc. Which seems to echo the statements from Protechsport. When testing early masks, and I am talking early, I recall Jacques Plante having his mask puck cannoned and it surviving, good enough to survive, however it didnt factor in energy transfer to the head. Essentially it maybe easy to build a mask to survive the puck impact, but its more difficult to mitigate the energy transfer to the brain.
  6. At SavebyRichter35 I know, I need an editor. I don't have the clearest writing style....and english is a second language for me.
  7. Having a New Belgium Citradelic and Southern Tier Lake shore fog after a tough 3-1 loss to the best team in our league. Also since my knee did a nice double crack in the first period some 12 year old scotch.
  8. I agree with you that it would be useful to test the assembled combo for the consumer. However, in order to advance the science of goalie helmet, one would need to examine the independent contributions of geometry, shell material, cages design and material, liner material, weight. This would allow all manufacturers to build better helmets.
  9. I heard of this Maltese foam test results but never seen the hard number in a study format. It would be great to see some real independent data on the issue.
  10. @seagoal yeah I just really wanted to do something different. I knew I wanted a black base and the rest was just me messing with different color combos until I found something I liked.
  11. I agree with you. As a food for thought, I would add that many companies offer the same helmet geometry with basically the same padding with the only difference being not the rigidity of the shell but the weight. My point is that the more expensive and lighter material might give an advantage in reducing fatigue, strain and comfort but maybe not in term of protection. Furthermore: " A single model of an ice hockey goaltender mask was tested. Different helmet models have been found to vary in their performance to an impact due to differences in shell and liner design (Rousseau, et al., 2009a; 2009b; Ouckama & Pearsall, 2014; Post et al., 2014; Nur, et al., submitted). However, the performance differences are small in magnitude (Rousseau, et al., 2009a; 2009b; Ouckama & Pearsall, 2014; Post et al., 2014; Nur, et al., submitted)and as such a single ice hockey goaltender mask model allows for a description of the protective capacity of ice hockey goaltenders masks." From: Evaluation of the Protective Capacity of Ice Hockey Goaltender Masks for Three Accident Events using Dynamic Response and Brain Stress and Strain, James Michio Clark, University of Ottawa, 2018, p11. http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= This assumption that the magnitude of difference being small indicate that the material, design and liner account for very small difference in protective performance. This also include the result of a study by Nur et al that was submitted but not published at the moment redaction. That study was done in 2018 and was probably testing the most recent models available. P.S. Correction, the only study I could see from Nur et al. dated from 2015 and evaluated only a 55mph shot on the helmets tested. Maybe a new study I did not find.
  12. I contacted the Pro Laces people and they sent me a picture with how to rig it up like the TGN spec ones. I put them on my pads and will test them in my game tonight.
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  14. First in a long time. My last set of customs was a set of one100/rx10 that I hated so I just tried different off the shelf stuff since then. Decided that I had a good idea of what I wanted when the EF4s came out so I pulled the trigger.
  15. Wow, so nice @wox33! Well done with the zones and colors. They look so good. Congrats. Is this your first custom set or just the newest?
  16. Yes instead of the screws use regular skate lace to attach them on, just make sure you add a drop of two of glue in the knots and you shouldn't have an issue with them at all. I did this with my last set and put the knots at the front. Also why don't you contact Pro Laces and just explain what happen, am sure he will fix it.
  17. wox33

    CCM EF4

    10 weeks to the day. Will get real pics once I get home from work.
  18. With the powers granted to me by the heritage of the GSBB in the prehistoric era of goaltending equipment admiration, here is the 2019-2020 NHL gear sitings thread we've all been waiting for! Can't wait to see what the industry will be coming out with this year! Here is a picture from B⭐️!! Nice graphic work as usual with the richness of sewn-on graphics! Oh and why not one of me doing the splits because at 36 it's always fun to have Maria Mountain saving my hips! (I'm no pro, but I live by the look good, feel good, play good philosophy) Lawa
  19. Warrior Ritual CR1 Senior Composite Goal Stick - Silver/White Left handed - 25" Paddle Length. The curve is a Twist (Bishop) Curve Used for a 1 hour ice session, tried moving to a shorter paddle but did not like it. Asking $115 USD ($150 CAD) shipped in Canada. Add $15 to the USA. Open to reasonable offers.
  20. Just wanted to share my DIY take on a “vision restrictor” for use in training. Mine is made from 1/4” neoprene. As you can see, it attaches with simple Velcro to each side of the cage. I did it this way because I want to be able to use it for pregame warmups and have it be very easy to remove with one hand (I lock my hand into my catcher in the locker room). I can also wrap it around my water bottle for storage during the game. I’m considering punching some small holes into it for airflow, but I haven’t used it enough to know if that will be necessary yet. Eventually planning to wear it for hour 1 of my two-hour pickup sessions
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