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  2. @Chenner29... could you take some measurements of the floaters... overall width... length... and speak to how functional the diagonal breaks at the top are?
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  4. Here are my old Itechs fully restored by New Image Goalie Mask. The 961 was restored last year and 9601 I just got back yesterday. Both came back gorgeous from Ray at New Image. I really like the single center bar cage, and they can really take a beating without bending!
  5. A lot more plastic. It's in the shoulder and arm floaters, as well as the bicep and forearm pads.
  6. I was asking what the 3 price points would be for the 3 sizes
  7. Just got this today. Bauer 960xpm. I've been wanting one to replace my Sportmask X8 for a while, and The Hockey Shop just knocked $200 off the price.
  8. Ryan W

    Warrior G5

    I dont have an objective answer for you. But I had 34 +1 ccms (my knee hit center of the cradle) and 35 +1.5 (knee seems to land high in the cradle). My warriors definitely seem to have a taller thigh rise. So I'm not sure where the idea that they are much shorter comes from. Doesnt seem to be the case for me at all.
  9. What's changed from P1? The shoulder floaters are different. The belly blocks are different. There's D3O in the sternum. The harness as changed too.
  10. ZeroGravitas

    Warrior G5

    I wear a 33+1.5 CCM and used to wear a 35+1 Warrior RGT1 and RGT2. This is the measurement of the 33+1.5 CCM EFlex 4 from the center of the knee cradle to the end of the pad. It is just under 11.5 inches, which is what the CCM fit guide says. I no longer have a Warrior pad to measure.
  11. Vaughn confirmed SLR-X was a retail product that got shut down. Those gloves and chest protector are one-off samples. So if you want one or a kind gear that’s a good option
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  13. Chenner29

    Warrior G5

    Would you mind taking measurements on the front of the pad, running the tape measure along the surface? From the center of the knee section up to the top binding. I have found any kind of pre-curved pad can skew the measurement an inch or two. The Warriors are a bit tougher to measure for sizing as the knee block and padded leg channel make it hard to get a true measurement unless you're going off the face of the pad. Really, this is more indulging my curiosity as my friends group has found that Warriors fit really weird (paging @ZeroGravitas - he wears a 33+1.5 CCM and a 35+2? Warrior). This is how I sized pads back in 2006 working retail. I'm not saying this is the correct way, but we rarely got returns because we screwed up sizing. I would get an ankle to knee measurement (after offering up a prayer that people on the other side of the line measured correctly), then run to the floor and measure a couple pads from the mid knee down to the boot break. Then we'd talk thigh rise. Total "top of pad" runs from the center of the middle knee roll straight up. Vaughns traditionally had the shortest stock thigh rise, Koho had the largest. We'd get occasional calls from guys in Sweden wanting to order TPS pads with a + 4 thigh rise because they all loved Henrik Lundqvist. According to their sizing charts, +0 on a 35" Warrior is 8.5" and a +0 on a 35" CCM is 11". Both companies claim to measure from above the knee. We can start there...
  14. I'd guess you are seeing offshore-manufactured samples/prototypes. Maybe SLR-X was an actual thing at one point, or will be next year when the line is due for an update (Velocity was updated this year).
  15. Celebrating National Tartan Day today - anyone else? @coopaloop1234 - still got your kilt, mate?
  16. RSVD: Thoughts: build quality, materials, protection, comparisons
  17. Hey folks, I had the opportunity to pick up one of these from Sideline Swap and pulled the trigger. This was marked as a Varlamov pro return, Fit 3 with -1" on the arms. Obviously, with rinks shut down, I have not been able to get it on the ice yet. I don't think it's worth a full scale review, as AFAIK these are NHL issue only. They won't be widely available, and it doesn't look like any facsimile is going to be making it to the retail level. However, I will dedicate some space to my thoughts on it and open up discussion for anyone who wants to find out more. I'd be happy to answer questions, take measurements, or whatever else you may have. Enjoy the pictures in the meantime.
  18. No I didn't message the seller. Don't need a new C/A and don't use a Vaughn catcher. I might as well ask about the blocker though lol. Hope somebody can tell me what the heck I've found though lol
  19. That is really odd; did you message the seller? Maybe it was originally going to be a senior level line, or they made them for the April Fools? Although the latter would be a lot of work for little publicity...
  20. Except that they're heated to the temperature of the sun and you've got to wait till this lockdown is over for it to be cool enough to drink.
  21. the f1, then the sr+ and sr if im not mistaken. @Kirk3190?
  22. I thought the SLR-X was their April Fool's line...
  23. Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems like a pretty good deal, no? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-hockey/oakville-halton-region/goalie-equipment/1495200972?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  24. Definitely worth a shot before buying a new glove - check out the video with the CCM glove I posted earlier for a good method. I baked it in my oven for a few mins at 80 degrees celsius, then bend at desired brake, put a stick in there to wrap it around and strapped it up with a belt. Did this a few times, then soaked it, and wrapped it up again. Eventually got it perfect.
  25. Thanks @RedX... Catalog has been posted to the Manufacturer Catalogs section of the Forums tab for easy download.
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