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  2. Someone on ggsu was selling those Bernier pads and said they were just eflex4's without kneerolls.
  3. Well anything is better than that bender cage you replaced.
  4. Extremele... But I like how it looks
  5. I'll never put on anything else. Over the years I've worn Vaughn, Reebok, Brian's, Bauer, and I am sure others I cannot remember. There is no replacement for never fearing or even flinching when someone winds up to rocket a puck at you knowing you are not going to get hurt.
  6. Switched to open mouth Cat Eye from Guardian Angel Cages. First game in it was last night. Love it.
  7. fairly certain thats a now defunct Eddy in fact - looks like the one straight off the how its made show on goalie masks i saw moons ago
  8. Been in a Cat Eye cage for a good two years now. Before that was certified straight bar. Just got a dent in my current cage so needed to place an order for a replacement. Decided to go with the "open mouth" cat eye. Seems likes a blend of the traditional cat eye and a cheater cage. Definitely excited to try it out. Definitely try a straight bar cage. Certified Cat Eyes are just such garbage cages. While you'll have to deal with a slight more amount of visual impairment due to the horizontal bars somewhat impacting your straight on view, the sheer amount of peripheral you'll gain over a certified cat eye is massive.
  9. Today
  10. GGN is still denying that they're the same. Whether or not that's true is up for debate. I have a feeling CCM has their tendrils all over the slow release of this information and Bernier's pads are part of it. Hell, looks how quickly all the big goalie related social media accounts all released the same information on the Axis once those first few pictures were leaked. My skepticism on this pad is very high and a lot of it has to do with the "pre-marketing" that it's being coated with.
  11. There's this goalie in our pickup game group on Saturdays, he's 65 and still enjoying the game. His mask is clearly too small for him and I fear for his safety. Anyone here have an extra mask in vey good shape size large that they are willing to donate or sell for cheap? I'm gonna take it and then collect from the boys to help with the cost (shipping and all) and then surprise our man with the mask when we pickup the action again in January. If it has a straight bar or cat-eye, it's all good. Thanks in advance. PS: I'm in the Ottawa area.
  12. Sorry Jake, I never got a notice for your reply. Will do that for you tonight bro!
  13. I am actually considering an Olympia Composites custom cat eye cage with a flat or triangulated main bar IF I like the vision of the pro cat eye for my Victory mask. A wider bar would help mitigate the stick in the eye danger. But at $185 USD for a custom cage, that is steep. I will also admit this: cheaters are a different look. Everyone and their dog wears a cat eye, it seems.
  14. I played in a Brown unit for a decade before moving to something else. Reason be was that the unit was breaking down after 10 years and my budget couldn't allow for a brand new one. With his new models, the 2200 and 2400, the size and mobility has been seriously improved. Not to mention that John will do almost any mod request. Well worth the call if you have the coin.
  15. Ok cool. thanks again for the information.
  16. I've worn the cat-eye since I moved to a mask from combos some 20 years ago. Been sporting a certified cat-eye for the past 10 years. I'm weighing (considering) getting a certified straight caged mask (Sportmask X8) for safety reasons. Playing beer league at mid-lower level brings out guys with little stick control and last thing I need is to have an eye poked out. Might need a while getting used to it but if was able to play with a Hasek setup, this shouldn't be a problem.
  17. I have no doubt about it. Goalie gear was relatively unchanged for years and years. Then there were sweeping changes. They got everybody out of leather, then everyone out of deer hair, then out of stuffing the pads into solid cores, then making pads optimised for one playing on their knees. That is a lot of change for 30 years! The old gear is so fascinating. Even for people who have no intention of bringing it back, it is cool to look at it.
  18. @diyas prawara- @MangoRhinehart is correct! Besides, whilst having ZERO experience with a Brown CA, I have known only one person in real life who liked moving to another brand. One person. Everyone else I know who plays in a Brown stays in a Brown. The reason why was that it was time to replace, he doesn’t play at a high level any longer and wanted supreme mobility, though I have actually sewn in some protections for him (crudely, I may add LOL) because the unit has broken down a bit. He may be emailing John Brown to order another unit.
  19. Contact brownhockey.com They switched to a direct to consumer model. Pretty quick turnaround time and they ship worldwide.
  20. When I first played there was no consideration as to which leg you got up on (even though thinking back now it should have been) . When I returned, that had all changed, so I had to teach myself to get up on the correct foot. Because I work in an office, two things happen: 1 – I get to be fat and lazy. 2. I get a chair with wheels. When I started trying to force myself to get up on the right (or rather, correct) foot, I found he office chair really helped. If I wanted to get to my recycling bin or bookshelf on the right side of my office, I would push my chair, having to use my left foot. Getting back to my left meant pushing with the right foot. I was able to instill in my thick head that if I wanted to go to the right, I needed to use (get up on) the left foot and vice versa. I was amazed at how quick this solved the correct foot problem.
  21. @Wonder35 @bunnyman666 I assure you that those of us that are on the younger side still (I'm 27) love seeing this kind of stuff. I've always been a gear nut regardless of the era it's been part of. I played an all skill draft tournament last year and the guy we had in net hadn't played in years, but as soon as he bust out those TPS Xhales and did a padstack, my heart lit up.
  22. I can only order it online but only goaliemonkey have the option to ship them to my country
  23. That's interesting. I was in Koho since the Revolution days right up until their last line with the 590 in 33". After that, I only fit into 32" in every brand. So either my body shrunk somehow or (what I think happened) the sizing on all pads changed.
  24. No fix that I know of. It's the design of the pad. It'd be the same as what you're used to now.
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