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1 hour ago, Hockeygoalie111 said:

There is a pro return unit on SLS.  Looks the same to me.  Only thing I could think of would be lesser quality plastics/foams

From what I’ve seen, I don’t think there is any difference between the retail and pro-offering. Here is a couple of photos of the one from SLS that has the sensor bracket stitched on the back. I agree, it looks almost identical to the retail unit:



Now, there could be some differences in terms of internal constructions and foams, but if I put my manufacturing hat on, I would really doubt it (even with what we’ve seen in the past). If anything, my assumption is that CCM has streamlined their production line when it comes to this unit, which would slightly reduce their overhead, and increase their production turnaround.

I don’t have any sales or prebooking information, but my guess is that CCM is hoping this will be a slam dunk and become the new age P1. From all accounts, it looks like this might just be the case. The Got Hockey podcast recently had Kaylie Dankevy from CCM on, and they spoke about the unit (starting at 21:29). At the 25:20 mark she mentions that they cannot keep the unit in stock and that NCAA players are starting to pick this one up (bit of a marketing push? Sure, but I have no doubt its become very popular). They also go into more detail about the fit/sizing on this unit (26:13 to 28:11), which is pretty much bang-on to what myself and others have been saying.


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