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Pro return Bauer 2s gloves labelled 1s *SOLD*


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Selling a set of Bauer pro return 2s goalie gloves labelled Bauer 1s. Both come from the OHL. The blocker was maybe used for about 20mins as it was a demo for goalies to try on and see if they wanted 2s gear. Blocker is pretty much new condition. The glove was used by a goalie in the OHL for about a month. I have cleaned most of the puck marks off it. Has some red on it from posts but there is no damage to anything inside and out. 

Asking $375 usd plus shipping. If your in Canada contact me as I can give you a better price on the shipping. US will have to pay full shipping cost. Not looking for any trades at this time. 2s retail glove sets for around d $960 usd So your saving a lot.






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