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Protecting New CCM Axis XF Pads From Inline Surface


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Hey Guys,

  Just got a new set of Custom Axis XF Pads and I play inline/roller hockey on Stilmat tiles. My Rollerfly's to help me slide on the surface do not completely cover/protect the inside of my pad along the toe bride though. I am considering using some electrical tape along the area but I am open to any recommendations to help prevent the pads from getting damaged by friction on the Stilmat tiles.


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32 minutes ago, ZeroGravitas said:

I've used small amounts of 3M PPF film for my pads on ice and it seems to work great. Not sure how it'll fare on Stilmat as I haven't played roller in over a decade. One nice thing about the film is that it's transparent so you wouldn't know it's there unless you look closely.

Thanks for the tip, not too worried about looks just wanting to make sure these pads last as long as humanly possible lol

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Posted (edited)

Definitely use the tape in conjunction with the slide plates.  Well cover any areas far or wide enough so that no edges of the tape are exposed to friction which will cause peeling which will cause you to have to replace more often than necessary.  Before committing to the tape, maybe acquire several samples of products and see when you can go do a test on the floor to see which works most to your preference which may not always be slickest.  Velcro strips both hook and loop have been used in the past, with dirt being picked up eventually they also react a little differently.  I'd def hope the 3m tape would work best.  I remember there was a McMaster Carr part that was hmwpe tape, same stuff I and many others were making back in the GSBB days.  There were some awesome tutorials on that forum.  Anyway, the best thing would be to make a custom slide plate you could adhere with removable Velcro tape as it's basically indestructible.

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Had a second thought after rereading the above comment.
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On 7/9/2024 at 1:10 PM, johncho said:

I would use UHMW tape like https://www.icewarehouse.com/Goalie_Pad_Wrap_Slick_Sheet_12_x_60/descpage-PWSS.html to protect over 3M which would be tacky against non-wet surfaces.

I have some of the Slick sheet leftover, where do you live? Depending on the size and dimensions you need, I could just send some over.

I am in Ohio but don't worry about sending some, thank you though

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