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New Passau Leg Pads 2018


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From their Facebook page:


Passau is excited to announce the release of our next generation leg pad. Our updated pad design offers a new lighter core and stiffer front face to deflect rebounds further away from the net. The bindingless inner gusset and toe design (new) ensures a perfect seal along the ice and greater stability when in butterfly position. The pads now include our elastic strapping system standard (custom strapping including leather still possible) and offer the same level of customization and quality Passau has become known for. Additionally, we are now offering a new standard graphic option - the STARKE - which features a huge amount of color zones and customization potential. Orders for the new design are already being completed, so please contact us today to speak to a rep.





Personally, I think they look fantastic. I do also like the graphic quite a bit; especially the way it looks good both vertical and horizontal in the butterfly. The strapping is interesting to me, and kind of strange that they're shown with a leather boot strap. I'm also very curious how exactly the toe bridges attach if there are no screws, especially since I'd want to replace them with something else. 

I fell in love with the Passau glove and I honestly think that's going to end up pushing me towards a full set of these! 

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1 minute ago, coopaloop1234 said:

I wonder how much of this is based off of the "prototype" gear they sold you on for your set?

My set is a few years old now. These look VERY different from what I have! 

And just to clarify - I didn't really get "prototype" gear so much as just getting the first run of production pads that incorporated their newest design at the time. That may just be semantics but I don't want to give the wrong impression on what it was I was getting.

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Just now, IPv6Freely said:

That part of it is nothing new from Passau. They've been doing it like that for years. 

i mean, really every new all elastic strapping system that can be done has pretty much been done already :idk:

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On 8/10/2018 at 9:11 PM, TitanG said:

Good thing they have other graphics and do customs as well, like this:

Yea, they do decent custom stuff. Was just commenting on the stock graphic that was chosen.

On 8/11/2018 at 3:48 PM, IPv6Freely said:

Still better than the vaughn graphic at least. I like it better than the CCM stuff too, really. I think only Brian's has better stock graphics, actually. 

I guess it's all subjective. I'm not a fan of the VE8 hockey sticks, but I still like them better than the Passau one.

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