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Show off your Gear (Note: Any images posted here can be posted on @TheGoalNet Instagram)

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Everyone say hello to my new set. 

Eflex’s are finally in!

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5 hours ago, ThatCarGuy said:

The 2S Pro set is finally together in all its glory

Together with duck tape mind you but together nonetheless. Padskinz will be applied Monday or Tuesday and likely won’t be posted

Like that color scheme and graphics. Simple and a bit different somehow.

I got myself into a situation where I had to buy myself a new mask, Bauer NME IX. New unused for half of the new price. Having my REY CK still in painting (for half a year now!) I thought I'd better get another for now. NME5 moves to the reserve -position. Remains to be seen if the REY will fit me well and which of the masks will take the regular position.

Picture from web for those of you who haven't seen a Bauer mask 😁


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On 11/24/2020 at 7:25 AM, TheGoalNet said:

Based on pictures, I am impressed with the fit and finish on their product. Let us know how the performance is! What pads are you coming from?

TPS R10 > Reebok XLT > 2 set of Miklin > Vaughn SLR > Warrior G4 )

this is a great product, but a bit heavy for me (G4 was too light :) ), if compared w/ g4, 2.15 kg (MH) vs 1.7 kg (G4), but MH stiff as hell ) 

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