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Itech 9600 Refurb


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Hi everyone,

I recently picked up an Itech 9600 that was badly in need of a refurb, but has good bones.

The chin was pretty chipped, but it appears to be only the gel coat. There a couple more chips throughout.

I tried a few methods for getting the screws out. 

They came out using the following methods:

1 x elbow grease (chin strap)

4 x PB Blaster (top snaps, and one cage screw)

4 x Cut/Drilled out with tungsten carbide dremel bit. I tried screw extractors and regular drilling. One of the chin strap screws and post were rust welded into the shell.

I cleaned off the shell with denatured alcohol.

Next step is filling the chips, I will be using some gel coat filler.






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First sanding completed to prep the shell for filling chips. I used 120 grit to get the old clearcoat off. Basically sanded until it was no longer shiny. I also did a quick sanding on the inside, so I can repaint there as well. Then cleaned with denatured alcohol. 

This also let me check the shell for any potential issues.




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3 hours ago, MangoRhinehart said:

Cage window is taped up and layers of black are on since the color shift needs a black background.


Remember with colourshift that less is actually more (fewer coats) with the flop paint. Clear the bejeezus out of that and you’ll have a winner.

Good job thus far!

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2 minutes ago, MangoRhinehart said:

Thanks, I did 3 coats of black. I have to check if I need to sand before hand. But I am letting it cure until Saturday before colorshifting.

Actually- you want LOTS of black and little flop paint. Check your flop after three VERY light coats. You’ll be surprised how well it does. 

If in doubt, try it on something curvy (for the best flop). Do five coats of black, then try two to three coats flop paint. You’ll be surprised how LITTLE flop paint it takes for a dramatic flip/flop effect. The black ACTUALLY plays a HUGE role in the flop.

I’ve done a few...

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