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Modded Passau G1 C/A


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Thought I'd share my mods to my stock 1st generation Passau C/A. Initially purchased as a stock unit with extra rib protection, I've added the following mods:

1: laced in extra shoulder caps from my old Brian's Alite C/A

2: Added velcro-in LD foam pads under the floaters, taken from an old pair of Reebok 18k pants

3: Not pictured - @Tim_TRUEHockey was excellent enough to have the folks at Passau make me up come lace-in elbow caps to correct an issue where I was bashing my elbows off the ice.

4: Today's mod: as the C/A wears down a bit over time, I'm feeling the odd shot here or there, so I decided to add a heart-guard reinforcement. I cannibalized my newly-retired CCM Blackhawks return pants, using the belly flap as the base piece. I cut it open, added in some of the medium density foam from the thigh, sewed it up, and laced it onto the existing heart guard. I'm hoping it will a) provide that bit of extra protection I'm seeking, and b) help to deaden rebounds off the chest. If I find rebounds to be too hot, I can but some memory foam and replace what I currently have set up.

The unit itself has been fantastic, the only real repair that is pressing the the wrist velcro on my blocker hand.





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