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CCM composite goalie stick database; curves and codes


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Lets build a database on CCM composite custom Pro goalie sticks.  CCM only makes a handful of curves and a lot of goalies share.  Post a Pic of the name plate and the Curve.


Nameplate Coding; this is what I've found available at the 'retail custom' level:

Line 1 - Curve: 125-1 (Holtby), 142-3 (Price), 155-1 (Loungo), 163-0 (Montreal 33), 182-2 (Crawford), 132-3 (Price 2018)

Line 2 - Paddle/shoulder shape; REG = Standard, STE = Steep (Price)

Line 3 - Size; 24"-27" (in .5"  increments 

Line 4 - Player's profile/stick build

CCM custom sticks.jpg

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