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Crouch Neck Guard


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So about 2 months ago I bought my Son a CCM neck guard with the incorporated T-Shirt ( see attached ) - the unit lasted 2 weeks it started decomposing !  Reason for this product purchase the original CCM ( T shirtless ) was popping out of his CA!

So while at a Showcase I stopped at a LHS in the region we where in and found the following neck guard from Crouch the unit is amazing - ballistic nylon material on the exterior - the padding is ver thick and is way up there in quality however I do not know what it is!

Also the unit is BNQ certified and on top of that it was on liquidation @ $25 there was a Vaugh option (too small) and Sherwood option the neck section was weird and did not look confortable too high?

The Crouch unit is like new after 2 months of wear and weekly washes - will be buying another one and modifying it with and old hockey jersey to get the same effect as the CCM.

If anyone has any knowledge about this company please share it - highly recommend their neck guard at a fraction of the Maltese they go for about $60

If anyone know if they have a website - please provide

IMG_0295 (002).jpg

IMG_0296 (002).jpg




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