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The Union - SiriusXM


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23 minutes ago, MTH said:


FYI anyone can easily get a 30 day trial of Sirius - phone and computer - all you need is an email address.

Been doing trials for a few years now on my phone.

I found it because I had a 1hr trip yesterday and hate random radio games. Leafs and Wild were on midday. The app automatically showed this as an on demand option and my mind was blown 

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10 hours ago, IPv6Freely said:

Also if you do a trial and then call to cancel they will drop the price DRASTICALLY to get you to stay.

That said, I still canceled mine and don't miss it. Lithium was a great channel but I get just as good (if not better) variety with Spotify. 

I’ve had it since 06. Went to cancel recently and they dropped the price to $4.99. I’ll be sticking around 😂

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