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Photography Thread (Equipment + Techniques)


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Note: this thread is for discussing photography equipment and techniques, not a "post your pics" thread

I just recently got into photography. Last month I made a Black Friday "impulse purchace" of a Canon 4000D, but then soon exchanged it for a 200D as soon as I read up and realized how many more features you can get for just a few bucks more 😉 My main inspiration is to get away from cellphone pics and actually take decent photos of my kids hockey games, which meant buying a zoom lens that works well in ice rinks which may not be so well lit. The main recommendation is a Canon F2.8 70-200 zoom lens, but that's well over $1k, so I found a used Sigma 50-150 F2.8 which does basically the same thing for under half the price (I paid $500). I used it once or twice and am pretty happy with the results so far.

Here is a pic with the Canon 4000D with kit lens (55mm F5.6) SEE PIC 1

Here is with the 200D and Sigma 50-150 lens F2.8 much better SEE PIC 2


ow that the gear is out of the way, I'd like to talk about technique. At first I was just putting the camera in default "Sports" mode, and letting it chose the best setting. But then I put it in Manual mode and started to play with the settings. I am putting it on F2.8 with shutter speed 1/320, auto ISO, and exposure meter +1 and it looks pretty good so far. My only problem is the focus with such a low aperature can be off. For example, if I am trying to have to goalie in focus, it may focus on the shooter and the goalie will be a little unfocused :/ I would like to have everything in focus on the picture, but not sure if that is possible with F2.8? Maybe I need to raise it up to F4?

Here is a pic made by a friend of mine using a Olympus E5, 150mm, F4, ISO 1600. Everything is in focus, altho I guess the camera had to compensate with higher ISO and the image is a little grainy. But I guess that has to be the trade-off to have everything in focus? SEE PIC 3



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