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Forgot about this thread. We have an addition since I last posted in this thread. Here’s Jethro. He joined us when we lived in Toledo, Ohio a little over a year ago.


He and Sultan are frenemies. 


So we have a Connecticut cat and an Ohio cat living in Memphis, Tennessee. 


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Lost this guy a month ago, 10 years with me. His name was Oscar, had him since a 8 week old kitten. Being a firefighter, I would come home from some bad calls and no matter where he was he would come and find me and wouldn't leave my side. It still hurts he isn't with me anymore.



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1 hour ago, Colander said:

(LOL, I guess it's the resolution or low light but) I don't think this is  really a cat, you just got one of those paint-by-number kits at Christmas, didn't you?

i’m 110% she’s real :) it was probably the light and fact it was night time lol. my phone sucks at taking pictures in general

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27 minutes ago, seagoal said:

Whoa, it's getting a little catty in here.

Here's my new guy that we got almost exactly a year ago just a couple of weeks before the lockdowns began.  His perception of normal life is so not normal.  His name is Loki and this is clearly his spot

He's going to be in for a shock once this Virus business disappears.

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Superworms and kale/other greens 

He’s pretty cool. Complete impulse buy while at Pet smart. He was tiny but came running up to the glass with all sorts of attitude.  I said I think you need to come home with me.   Sometimes we let him out and he’ll cruise around the living room. 

@ThatCarGuymy torti cat follows him everywhere 

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We have three dogs. They look like three dogs.

We have two goldfish. We got them at the carnival two years ago. So they're 'carnie fish'. So watch your wallet around them.

Common goldfish - Wikipedia

If they were human...this would be them.

Carnies | Carnie, People, Carnival show

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That sucks @coopaloop1234 

anytime you got to make that decision it just sucks. I’ve had to put down 2 boxers. (Both had the big C) Sorry for your loss. 


Once my 2nd Boxer Duke passed in  away we adopted. Our mainstay Bowie ( we adopted him in ‘11 after our first boxer Bullet passed) was lonely. First was Daisy’18 (cat) Dewey’19 (cat) and another older boxer named Dori’20 (She’s 8 now and Niether one of my other boxers  made it to 6)  Now Duke we got as a puppy that was his random name he was given. I liked it cuz the NFL football says the Duke on it so I just kept it.  All those other pets I listed were their names D’s just find there way to us I guess.  
When one door closes another opens and a critter runs out and finds its way to you. In my case many. 

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I got a pack of wild turkeys in my yard and all. They're major league assholes. I would so love to punt a few of those greasy bastids.

What to know about wild turkeys on Long Island | Newsday

These dirt balls fly. They sleep in the trees. So when they fly, they're scary loud and have HUGE wings.

They run. Fast. When they are scared they motor quickly. If it's twilight or darker, they scare the crap out of you.

They walk in gangs. All over the place. 

They don't respond to me shooting them the finger. I often add some sound to me shooting the finger in some Mr. T quotes about 'turkey'.

Mr. T - Thanksgiving by CliffEngland on DeviantArt

They like to stand on my Jeep. Scumbags...

They will walk in the road in a pack and almost block cars. I think I can't hunt them. They know this. Jerks!

They hold annual scraps to figure out who the tom is. They wrap their necks around each other then throw talons. The rest of the jabronis stand around the two brawlers and make noise. It's comical.

These turkey bullies will scare away the Canadian Geese, deer (absolute wimps) and even people.

Their outlaw cousins come by every so often. They are called Turkey Vultures. I've shot those savages with nerf guns. Sounded like Santa was on my roof when they landed on my roof. The Mega Nerf darts work on them.


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