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PHL Knights' Super Bowl Box Fundraiser


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My hockey team is doing a little fundraiser so we put together a box pool.  Still lots of boxes left if anyone is interested.  

Boxes are $10 with $400 staying with the team and $600 going to prizes.  
Payouts are 1st - $100, half - $150, 3rd - $100, final - $250.

If you'd like any boxes just comment on the box number that you'd like.  Donations can be made to me via paypal at jameswdantonio@gmail.com.  All funds in US dollars and please utilize the "friends/family" option.

Once all boxes(1-100) are sold, score numbers(0-9) will be drawn and assigned to each row and column.  

Here is a direct shareable link to the file on my Google Drive.  Fare warning, for some reason it sometimes seems to come out all kinds of wonky on a phone so I also attached the most up to date  screenshot of the file just in case.

Thanks in advance and good luck!

Knights' Season Fundraiser SB Boxes.png

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