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Fusion Masks


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I've used mine now for close to five years and it seems to be holding up well. I recently replaced the foams with ECOpro and that made it even more comfortable than it was previously. It's definitely a solid mask at the price point and I don't seem to have suffered any adverse effects from shots to the head as I have taken a few over the years. If you like the Itech 960 type mold masks it's worth a look.

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2 hours ago, TBB said:

Does anyone know anything about Fusion Masks? They advertise as NHL level quality but for 499$ I am skeptical. Any knowledge on them would be appreciated.


1 hour ago, cwarnar said:

Never used one... I know @Imperative has 1 or 2.

Be very cautious with advertising... I know my Sportmask Pro 3, F Series, is in the same price range but not quite "NHL Level Quality."  And how many NHL Level skaters are you going to be facing.  The biggest thing when it comes to a mask is build quality and fit.

I own a fusion 9961 and a 962 they are a really solid mask. The 9961 is a hydro dipped and the 962 has vinyl wrap. The biggest complaints I have seen is guys don’t like the stock paint as it has a tendency to chip and vent holes not a smooth as some guys like. For the money I think it is a good mask, very solid and I feel like my head is very safe wearing them.  



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I've had 2 fusion and 2 Bauer 961's.  Couldn't tell a difference between the two and from what I understand they use same mold, materials, etc...  They are legit pro masks.  As far as NHL quality...no idea what that means, nor do I think that matters.  The NME10 was being worn in the NHL for a while.  I had one of those and the chin cracked from a mid-level beer league wrist shot and not just the gel coat...all the way through.  The Fusion masks are a great value if you like 961 style masks.  Might I also suggest OTNY as long as your in that price range.  Better quality, service and custom fitting.

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I'm still using my Fusion GM2000 kevlar reinforced mask i got around 2009 that replaced my eddy gt. I wasn't so sure if i really liked it or not when I first got it but completely happy with it since. I like the shape .. and the triangular vent holes. Don't really want a Worf from Star Trek looking mask.

Would like to get it refurbished. Will be contacting them soon about it. I know Toylene [may have spelled wrong] but she still works there since 2011 or longer, but they quickly reply 

Good masks. 

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That was my old bucket. Solid mask, I can vouch for them. 

Might want to adjust the foam to your fit, to all those considering this mask. I kept it standard, but after a few hours of play, headaches started to set it. But then again, it could of been my head scalf knot digging in 🤣

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I had a Fusion for a minute. Solid construction, a little sloppier on the finish. As mentioned by others - the foam as pretty stiff (even when it was brand new). Was not comfortable for me (so I jettisoned it) but otherwise I felt it was a good deal for the money.

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