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Kova Neck Guard

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57 minutes ago, cwarnar said:

Very nice. First Kova I've seen with air knit on the bib.


Overall it feels pretty stiff, but I haven’t used it on the ice. The segmented areas at the shoulder flex well. 

To me, this would appeal to people who like the classic Vaughn bib. I do NOT think the Maltese crowd would like this. 

This has the Zoom Bang. Not sure if the traditional one is more flexible or not 

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16 hours ago, cwarnar said:

Zoombang is awesome stuff.  I'm loving my padded shirt... But in true goalie fashion I haven't taken any shots you the collarbone since getting it

I actually didn’t get Zoom bang! Haha 

i ordered the extra gel padding and thought it was that. Zoom bang is not yet available 

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On 2/9/2019 at 2:54 PM, TheGoalNet said:

2” neck 

Gel foam inside 

Air Mesh Bib 

Performance material inside neck 

Made in 🇫🇮 







Nice unit. Topi mocked one up for me a little while ago, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I have suspenders from him with floater straps and absolutely love them. Great, great quality and really nice guy to deal with.

What was the pricing on this spec?

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I would suggest washing it with your other under things and air drying after each game. If you're breaking out, it could be for many reasons and that it's dirty.  Could not.  The neck, like the face, is usually extra oily and prone to breaking out with clogged pores.  I used to be prone to staph infections and have done as I suggested above along with other precautions for many years now.  I also wash my gear every 3-6 months (except skates and leg pads, although they get a good wipedown and Mr. Clean Magic Erasering).  Also, wash anything new before you wear it the first time. 

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@benner33 Looking great! I couldn't wait for pictures so I ordered and hope for the best.

42 cm (Tight 40.5 cm but I prefer loosen neck guard, taking a big risk now because I never trying Kova before)

Everything Smooth JenPro Leather

All Gel Foam

5 cm (I think I should stick with 4.5 cm or make special with 4 cm but then I will order during the season)

-1 Inch clavicle

All black with orange text!

I'll be back with review.

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