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Weekend fun tournament results


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My Sledge hockey team had a fun tournament in Regina.  the facility we play is nice But the lighting sucks but hey we play through right!  our team ended up winning both our games on saturday so we a buy into the last game.  only allowed 1 goal in the two games.  final on Sunday was a great face paced game with great opportunities on both ends of the ice but we held on for the win 2-1.  i always have a great time playing with this group and it just makes it that much better pulling off the win.  on a side note i got to try my had at commentating.  The local Access 7 channel was there and they Wanted somebody to help out so i volunteered.  I had fun with it and the guy from access said it was nice to have somebody that played talk about and explain some of the differences between stand up and sledge.  Cherry on the top for the weekend!!

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