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V1 Pro Stick


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I thought I'd share the exciting news that I'm the new proud owner of this beauty:e3fa5354752b23d8_large.thumb.jpeg.336554cc4f147a802c51048a7a6b9cc5.jpeg7227baf288688130_small.jpeg.4ea684cad4263a235565f1ce2fe6cd82.jpegbf7a3aada9e6325e_small.jpeg.6783060178470761cd4b1670832d42d4.jpegd770ca92f96375f0_small.jpeg.1632c335b7dd1dbb1ba0ca2a3cc89ff0.jpeg3fb8867f798d9ad7_small.jpeg.ddb1365635afa15c5101e8b3ce7ebd62.jpeg

I got it off sideline swap from the Calgary Hitman of the WHL.  I'm currently using a WELLS Pro Stock 1S so I think I'll be able to a good review/comparison.  I'll add to the thread once I have the stick in hand,

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12 minutes ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

Nice.  Can't wait to get one of these.  I hope they offer a similar stock color scheme as the CR1.  Those match my team perfectly.  Still no grip on the top of the paddle?

Appears that way. Hoping to have it in hand by Friday or Monday

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5 hours ago, seagoal said:

Rookie move.  ALWAYS have gear delivered to work :)

Can't wait for you to have this in your hands.

Out of the box first impressions:

1.  Slightly heavier then the 1S in the hand. I'm planning to grab a food scale and get an official weight tomorrow night.

2.  Grip - there definitely isn't a dedicated grip like on my 1S but as @coopaloop1234 and @SaveByRichter35 mentioned it's a different texture that will prevent slippage (distinct feel from the paddle or shaft).

3.  Size - my 1S is a Wells pro return that was listed as a 26".  The V1 Pro was listed as a 27".

Here's the difference at paddle and shaft:


I previously had a CR3 in a 26" which was actually smaller than the 1S.

I'm planning to use the stick in my Friday pick up game and will give on ice feedback.

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12 minutes ago, seagoal said:

Awesome,  looking forward to your review. 

Does it have the grooves on the shaft to make it slippery like the CR1 does?

That is my one gripe about the CR1, too slippery for me.

Ya.  Has the "slide grip" on the shaft.  Curious to see what it's like.  I'll be adding a Buttendz Flux to this stick as well

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