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SOLD!!! Smith 1000 set


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Hey gang, I have some gear I want to move so I can purchase new pads for next season.

4SALE: Smith 1000 set.

Pads are straight 38" (now more like 36+2). My A2K is 18.5" and my F2K is 21.5" approximately. I removed the knee locks permanently to allow more room for knee pads and better rotation. They come with all the leather straps, knee guards and boards.

Glove and blocker are regular hands, no mods done. Trapper has taken a pancake shape and has a crazy flap closer. Blocker hand has no holes.

The gear is well used (10-15 years), some wear, some fraying, some cuts but plenty of life left. Trapper could use a refurb. Gear has no smell and no crustiness, fan dried after each game. Old specs!

I'm asking 300$ CAD for the set. Shipping will be extra (from Gatineau/Ottawa area)















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4 hours ago, MTH said:

Willing to trade you for a nice pair of all white (with red/blue sharpie details) Vaughn Velocity 1 pads.

Are those 12" wide or 11"?


No trades, sorry. Looks like I'll need the money for chiro sessions instead. Went in for a pinched nerve, x-rays show an ugly story. My spine is off in a couple places and got some worn down disks too. This is gonna hurt, my budget. :(

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4 hours ago, MTH said:

That stinks with the pinched nerve.

My (joking) trade offer was for your very old pads you sold me a billion years ago that I still use - and love. 

I kind of caught on, but with the pain and brain fog... I kind of didn't? lollll

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