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Pinky finger wear


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Hey guys,

I had my blocker re-palmed a few years ago by Sara at PAW.  I love the job she did and would not hesitate to purchase from her again.

In the time I've used my blocker since getting it back the side "air-knit fabric has worn through on my pinky finger.  I fixed it using stick tape but that repair only lasts a short amount of time.  The palm is still in great condition so I don't feel it's necessary to send it out to be re-palmed again just yet.

What would you guys suggest I do to repair it more permanently?

I have a couple of thoughts but I'm not sure of what would be the easiest/best repair. 

One thought I had was to stitch a small piece of leather in there as a wear guard. 

The second thought I've had is to fill in the hole with fabric and make some sort of tether strap to keep the finger from rotating when I hold my stick.

Another thought was to combine the two prior ideas.

Does anyone here have any thoughts as to how I could potentially fix this?

I am including some pictures of the wear and my previous repair.







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1 hour ago, bunnyman666 said:

I’m a full leather blocker palm guy. My only advice would be to patch that area with a small piece of leather. 

maybe nylon leather to thread through the pinky and leather? i've used it before to repair my pad, and i did an amateur job at it but it hasn't come apart at all, so it's pretty strong

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  • 7 months later...

I'm getting my blocker repaired today. Somehow I managed to get a little hole on the inner pinky finger.

Found an old jenpro tab from old thigh guards. It'll be cut and sewn internally and I think the hole will be stitched shut too.

My buddy who has repaired and modified my gear for years is doing it. He takes payment in beer :)




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@Ken35 & @seagoal I've dealt with the same thing for as long as I can remember... exact same spot with almost ever blocker I've owned. I think it's entirely due to the finger protection elastic pulling on the palm of the pinky outward... so i actually end up gripping with the airknit gusset.


Two ways I have addressed it in the past although truth be told neither actually address the culprit...

  1. Cut out the airknit gusset and sew the palm of the finger directly to the back.
    • Pros: Easy fix only needing scissors, needle, and thread.
    • Cons: Smaller finger stall, and  may cause the feeling of some tension on the finger by pulling everything inward.
    • 2019-12-05_14-40-03.jpg.78c8098a454efc552c8d993e6dd2e549.jpg
  2. Cut out the airknit gusset and replace w/ leather or some other palm material
    • Pros: Also pretty simple fix if you have some palm material laying around.
    • Cons: Won't breathe quite as well
    • 2019-12-05_14-40-04.jpg.b559be1f9bbd63aeeceb369947e6bf08.jpg
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@BadAngle41 thanks for that post and the illustrations. Super helpful. 

Our plan is your #2 although my buddy suggested it'd be best to put the leather internally.   I'll discuss internal vs. external with him later before we leave for work.

I wish I knew what caused it. It could have been a snag on a skate blade of course.  I use a tacky electrical tape on my Warrior sticks because they are too slippery for me, but I don't think this would tear a hole in this particular spot.  


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On player gloves, full, non-airknit pinkies on a palm with the other fingers with airknit used to be an option on custom gloves. It has been so long since I have ordered North American made player gloves that I don’t know if you can do that any longer. To give you a clue how long it has been, Eagle was still in the NHL (I think they may still make stuff with other brand names on the wrist roll) when I had them make me gloves. My player gloves are all goat skin, no airknit. I kinda slays me that there aren’t options like that for blockers. Pinkie “venting” is a big problem with airknit fingers...

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6 minutes ago, seagoal said:


What is it about the pinky that is so vulnerable to holes?

Most likely the pinkie on glove palms are not designed to move like a pinkie gripping a stick. The pinkie digs into the airknit.  Every blocker palm that is not custom ends up with me wanting to repalm it. If I keep my Koho blocker, it will get a goat palm. Goat also is impervious to the ravages of tape, as well. 

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