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Bauer vs Warrior chesties

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Oh sorry! I was specifically referencing the pro carbon one (figured most everyone here buys pro chest protectors for the most part). I personally use the LT98 orange and grey - seems that they only added shoulder suspended straps and changed the elbows to mesh. 

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6 hours ago, coopaloop1234 said:

You mean Vaughn has the most peculiar naming conventions for their gear? You don't say.

Haha. Yup. A for effort trying to deviate from the competitions but F for working. It’s definitely been a deterrence to me trying their line simply because I didn’t understand them. 

So I just checked and the brand new Ventus SLR2 Pro is $350, which is the same price as the X2.9, which is the upper limit of Senior-level chesties. 

It actually looks like a nice chestie in the pictures and similar to the others I tried  maybe I’ll try to check it out soon.

There is a Velocity VE8 Pro (non-Carbon) but its $430, which falls in a weird price range between everyone else’s Senior-level gear and Pro-level.

It’s ironic.  When I was a kid I remember always seeing the Vaughn stuff in stores and obsessing over it and dreaming to one day be decked out in full Vaughn gear.  As an adult with a job, I’ve yet to own a single piece.  Maybe one day.

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