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Kenesky Bungee Toe Ties

big seven o

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18 minutes ago, bunnyman666 said:

Kenesky will get you your product, their quality is top notch. Buy these without reservations.

34 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:
Seems like a pretty standard elastic toe tie with Velcro attachment (al Pro laces, hal straps, etc). Don't think you'd run into any issues getting them.

Alright sounds good. 


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Just bought a set and have used for two games. Previously in Monster HAL straps.

First - quality is amazing and these are solid. My second set of HALs busted on me, and these feel like they will be sturdy as hell.

Second - feel really responsive and great so far. I had a month between last game and when I put these on, but they do their job extremely well so far and I have no complaints. Highly recommended!

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12 hours ago, daffy said:

Hey guys, i have the kenesky toe ties.  Asked for longer length since i like running them through back hole of cowling.  They sent standard length.  Going to find more cord but what diameter do they use?  Thanks

3/16" I believe, can anyone verify that?

That's what I use for custom length stuff, and it works/holds up really well.

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