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Vaughn VE8 Pro closure equivalents

Julien Lefebvre

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1 hour ago, Julien Lefebvre said:

I'm currently using a Vaughn VE8 Pro glove. I love the closure on it, but I'll be switching to either Brian's or CCM for next year.

Would anyone happen to know what the closure of the VE8 pro (Stock) is in CCM or Brian's terms? 

Thank you in advance!

Thanks @cwarnar

@Julien Lefebvre You mean the 2 piece glove, right?  Not the 1 piece?

@ULTIMA is going to be way more informed than I am about breaks and comparisons across brands because he works in a hockey shop. 

I do have good understanding of Vaughn equipment, generally, across their own generations, but break angles and specifications...especially in non-Vaughn stuff, is something I'm not savvy about.

For example, a CCM 600 means nothing to me.  I have no idea what that means.

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56 minutes ago, seagoal said:

Nice.  That's why I hang around here.

Honest question:  why name a number a different number?

Why not call the 75 degree break a 75?

I wonder if it had to do with 580/590 lines of old?

Best thread.. Price was a 5500 user and was using a 600 for the longest time and just moved back to a 590 this season

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This article has the best breakdown I've seen:  https://ingoalmag.com/ccm-extreme-flex-4-gloves/  

aa  I've never agreed with calling the 600 break a 75 degree, suggesting that it sits between the 580 (90) and 590 (60).  It is the opposite extreme from the 580, with the 590 splitting the difference.

In terms of being similar to a VE8 2 piece glove my personal opinion is that the closest in terms of feel (especially factoring in where the break falls on the hand, thumb position, etc...) is the GNetik IV.   I use the VE8 and love it, and if I were considering the brands you're looking at I'd order a GNetik IV hands down.  I'm trying a set of CCM gear this spring, and selected the 590 break.  Neither the 600 or the 590 was exactly the same as the VE8, but I felt like I'd adjust the the 590 better.   Just one man's opinion though.  I can update after my pads arrive (hopefully in the next week or so).

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