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Selling my RWB Vaughn/Bauer glove set. NEW PRICE!!!


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Yes- I am selling this set of gloves. I used them a total of 2-5 times MAX after pressing this set into service. I love them, but need to move these in favour of other things. It just never saw enough use, but this set is too nice to display behind my bar!

The lowdown: The glove started life as a gently used Vaughn V-lite Pro. The glove was in such excellent shape, but was not in a colourway I wanted. It could have been pressed into service immediately.  I cleaned her up, and then sent her off to Protective Athletic Wear for Sara’s most capable hands to rework and refurb. Very little did not get redone, as the Cordura was replaced with Jenpro, and the catch surface was replaced with Nash. The backhand cuff and T are original to this glove and were thusly untouched, so this can attest to the glove’s condition before Sara reworked it. Floating T skate lace pocket! The finger stalls are leather. This glove was based on the vaunted 5500. There is a light smell, which I attribute it to the leather internals, not hockey smell at all. The Nash wrist/palm bit on the cuff box has ZERO smell. There are puck marks on the Nash catch surface. It did face some ice time versus NCAA and minor league players. 

The blocker is a Canadian made JRZ Bauer Reactor in the old Reactor graphic. This is literally nearly like new with a few puck marks. No smell in the blocker palm. This is a nicely balanced blocker. 

I would be shipping from 62095 Wood River, IL. My price is $350 shipped lower 48 states, other locations higher. My price is negotiable, no trades. I can reduce the price thusly if you have a pre-paid method to get these shipped, as shipping will account for up to $50 of my shipped price, depending on carrier. Shipping is expensive! But I will entertain ANY sensible and serious offers. I will also separate. 

I am now considering breaking up the set. Glove is $240 shipped, block is $125 shipped lower 48.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests for photos.  





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