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WTB Minnesota Wild CCM XL / Fit 4 Goalie pants

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    • By ZeroGravitas
      140 page PDF for CCM's 2019 offerings.
      EF4 goalie gear, new for 2019, begins on page 66.
      FT2 goal skates, new for 2019, begins on page 82.
      EF4 goal sticks, new for 2019, begins on page 86.
    • By wox33
      So I just got my new Eflex 4s in and was able to use them the night they came in so I figured I would throw up a quick initial thoughts post so I can do a full review after some more ice time.
      I ordered these through Goalie Monkey on April 8th and they took exactly 10 weeks to show up at my door. I don't think I would go with them again for a custom order but to their credit everything came in the correct specs and colors. 
      In the past I have worn 34 whenever I was using a Lefevre product but on these I decided to go with a 33+2 and I am glad I did. I was falling off low in my Vaughn's and with these I hit dead center on the stack and never slipped off either way. I went with single internal/single external with the deep soft boot. I wish you could do straight angle with the Eflex instead of precurved but these aren't too bad and I like the look of a single external break the best. The strapping is the stock elastic with the tight leg channel. I did get the removable outer flap and the behind the ankle removable boot strap just so I had the options just in case. 
      These took me about 20 mins on the ice to get fully comfortable in but they are much closer to what I like compared to the Vaughn PVE's I was in. They are super easy to move in and seal to the ice amazingly and the rebounds were closer to what I wanted compared to the PVEs. Can't comment on the speedskin as the ice was awfully sloppy as it was humid out but it was still easier to move than it was in the Vaughns.

      Glove is a 590 break with game ready palm. Seriously considered going back to the 580 since it seems everyone is jumping back on that train and I used one back in high school but I recall having issues shooting with that break and I didn't want to hate something that cost as much as this. Went with the stock double t with skate lace and the standard wrist strap. Also did the intermediate insides on this one and I really like the snug feel of it over my Eflex 3. Break in was okay but it still needs some work as I used it mainly just to block that first night but it will break in and be fine like every 590 I've used prior. I did like that they moved the hand straps on the inside to much more comfortable positions so you can really tighten it without causing discomfort.

      On the blocker I went with the straight finger protection which I personally feel is the best option they have as it protects well and doesn't get in the way like the curved used to for me. If I could do it again I would go with the half cuff instead of the full as I really don't feel like you can get it open enough. Otherwise the blocker is great and feels a good bit lighter than the Premier 1 I have been using. I also got it with binding since I think blockers look the best with binding.

    • By BadAngle41
      Someone who can fit into these PLEASE BUY THEM!!! I would happily let my wife yell at me for quite some time for blowing money on these needlessly but I'm just too short to have them fit. Unused Mike Smith pro returns that are just beauties...

      Less beautiful IMO... but equally for sale is his white set...

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