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Cat Eye Question

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1 hour ago, Punisher Goalie said:

Holtby got knocked out of a game against CBJ due to a stick blade to the eye last season:


Agree however that these injuries are exceedingly rare in the NHL, especially when you consider the volume of games, shots, practices, etc. 

The one counterpoint I would make is that beer leaguers tend to have poor stick control and are more likely to get a stick blade up in your face due to carelessness. This is why I would never wear a half visor as a player - too many accidental sticks to the chin. 


When I re-entered hockey seven years ago, my skating was horrible, shot control was abysmal, and my stick handling was terrible. I felt sorry for those in my midst whilst re-learning hockey, especially the goalies!

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The cages are different and the masks themselves are also different. Personally if I had to pick between the two, I would want a Fit 3 NME over the 960 which i find too narrow and "tight". The way I have added Maltese gel under the stock padding in my Concept also puts the front part of my face further away from the cage, granted this is likely reducing vision to a degree too as they say the closer you are to the cage, the further the bars are from the centre of your eyes right... Probably true, but at the same time I feel that UNLESS someone is stabbing you 100% straight at your eye, being further away from the cage probably decreases your chances of getting hit even IF a stick makes its way through. That being said, if either NME or 960 the cage is also slightly further away from your eye, I feel that could also incluence the degree of risk/safety...

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