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Cam Ward's Evolution of Gear Over 15 Years


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In a 14 year Career...

Wardo when from foam core ➡️ composite stick

nylon skate with cowlings ➡️ composite skate w/holder

a blocker w/binding ➡️ smaller blocker, w/no binding and engineering for hard rebounds

2 piece glove w/ single T ➡️ smaller glove w/ double T

12” padded filled w/ shredded foam and leather straps ➡️ 11” thigh rise restricted pads, elastic straps, solid core construction, and engineered rebounds

large Chesty ➡️ body scanned new spec NHL sizing

fiberglass mask shell ➡️ Fully engineered Innegra shell

Traditional pants ➡️ Size restricted pants





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Yeah, what a stretch for him.  Great career, for sure.  I believe this all means he is highly adaptable :)

And holy crap those Velocity pads look gigantic. 

I'm too lazy to look it up, but what was the strapping on those 2S pads?  You could have likely thrown in a #-of-strap change in there, too.

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