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Bauer Reactor 9000 sizing chart


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This is an old thread and maybe not the right place I know, but I couldn't find the goalie sizing database thread whatsoever, so here goes.

I have worn over the years, in modern type materials, many different brands of pads (Heaton, Simmons, Eagle, Vaughn, Smith, Bauer). For the most part they were either 36" or 35". 

My Smith pads I had were 36" and I am sure now that they were too tall even while broken in. Oddly enough the Vaughns I wore a good while ago were 36" V1s and they worked out well. Move on to my recent purchases, last year were my Bauer R6000s in 36". I thought my measurements made sense for the fit, but with time I noticed my knee kept falling too low on the landing, hence why they are now up for sale. A month ago I got my hands on some Bauer R9000s in 35". Here I'm thinking that the size should be spot on, right...not so much. Despite being one size smaller, I still see my knee falling off on the lower part of the lift. WTF!?

Has Bauer changed their way of sizing their pads within that year of production? Is it just because I have to seriously break them in? Or have my shins shrunk a good 2" the past few years? And I thought just your spine shrunk with old age. My FTK is approximately 21" and my ATK is approximately 18.5". I wear my pads not snug nor too loose. I wear Bauer Vapor 1X knne pads.

Am I just going mad or what?

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