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Vaughn V9


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Damnit Max you beat me to it.

It looks alright. I don't like it or dislike it.  I feel pretty neutral.  I'm glad they stayed with having the graphic be vertically oriented.  I think horizontally oriented zones on pads can look clunky and disjointed.

I liked the 8 better and this looks like a continuation of SLR more so than Velocity.  The spike on the inside part of the inner zone 3 is nice.

The really interesting thing will be seeing the back of those pads.

V9 logo looks sharp....I guess VX is next.

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41 minutes ago, coopaloop1234 said:

They're essentially the same. Just upside down and reversed.

I do like the proposed Vaughn one more as well, but it's way too similar.

This was discussed in the Optik 2 thread as well, kind of a trend at this point. McKenney, Optik 2, Hank's Bauer set, now V9. It's like the 2019 version of the sock graphic.

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20 minutes ago, Peter36 said:

V9 sighting?? The strapping looks very interesting, only 2 straps. Also, they look thinner than VE8.


Wow, nice find on the pic.  Looks about what I expected with the strapping. 

Hard to tell in this pic, but it looks like they still have not fully locked down the knee block with velcro all the way to the edges.  This is my 1 complaint about my VE8 pads and it drives me crazy.  Looks like there is still a gap without velcro where the elastic knee strap comes out between the cradle and the block. 

I'll likely not order any more custom Vaughn pads at this point but if I ever do I will order the block and the cradle velcro locked all the way to the edges, for sure.

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