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Practice Gloves and Glove Rotation


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28 minutes ago, seagoal said:

Good post.. thanks for throwing it up.

I agree with Allen & Markstrom... you just see so many more shots in practice that you're bound to get a good stinger even if you are 100% dialed in... just the law of averages IMO. That said I also like consistency... not changing from one feel to another. (One of the reason I don't like the on-deck strategy of warming up with a heavier stick and then switching to a lighter one for the game. @SaveByRichter35) For those reasons when I buy a new set of gear I always buy 2 gloves... Pro Palms. 

More specific to me I order Pro Palms because...

1. Shattered my pinky when I was younger using a well broken in glove. Granted it was a heavy shot... but unbeknownst to me the glove had also broken down a fair amount too. It actually happened during warm ups and I certainly felt it... but didn't take my glove off all game because I knew it would balloon up as soon as I did. Sure enough... after maybe 5 min in the locker room post game it was bigger than my thumb and I was out for 5 weeks. Freak occurrence for sure but having a little extra beef in the glove as whole gives me a little more piece of mind. Placebo effect anyway.

2. I'm old and think there should be some work in breaking in a glove to some degree... a level of satisfaction when it is broken in that I wouldn't quite get with a Game Ready. Not logical at all I know... but everybody has something... and this is mine.

I usually don't start breaking in the 2nd one until the 1st is just right... so I have a good baseline of where I want to get to. Once both are broken in it's a nice to have come time for the year end league tourney or tournaments in general when you may have more than one game in a day. Any weight added is pretty negligible and when that's all you know it's not really added weight at all.


IMG_1610.thumb.JPG.f8a6e649df8ddaca8b84a60c07bf49a3.JPG   IMG_1609.thumb.JPG.73ffc965ece3a8379bdc227a3d408376.JPG


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Factory Mad have a palm liner that you can remove and replace. I am certain you could get a thicker palm insert. I usually don’t put the insert in until the glove breaks in. 

I rotate between three glove sets. Currently, I am breaking in my life green set. When my green glove feels fappy, then it gets used every three ice times. 

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