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Keeping your cool in the final minute


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Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to post up a quick thread about what your game looks like in the final minute. It could be the final minute of the period, or the final minute(s) of the game. 

Not every game, but at times I do find myself stressing in the final minute or two of a game, particularily if we're up by a goal. I know that my game should stay the exact same no matter what minute it's in, and in theory that's wonderful, but we all know the pressures that come with the position and the stress or overthinking it can bring, even in beer league. 

How do you keep your cool in the final minute or two? Mentally, I've found going to my "reset button" (drinking some water) as much as I can allows me to balance myself out a little. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on the final minute, tactics, mindsets, etc. Feel free to also share some awesome final minutes stories as well. 

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Honestly, the last two minutes of a game where we're up a goal and the other team is pressing is the most fun the position ever gets for me. We all love the pressure of the position and in that moment the pressure is high but it's not solely focused on you like say a shootout. 

At that moment you're the quarterback for the last ditch defensive effort with your team. Nothing beats it. 

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