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Wall Finland vs Wall USA vs Victory

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17 minutes ago, MangoRhinehart said:

Very nice looking.  Something about the clear mask looks cool to me, maybe its the 90s retro clear gameboy/N64 styling. Are you leaving it clear for good?

I may do some lettering on it, such as my #nocolonstillrollin and #goaliewithanostomy and my Pooper brand marks, but I like the clear look. 

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Because I had totally lost faith in my last helmet, I kinda hurried Dave along. I got a nice little note that they were going to add a few things to my helmet; there were even Pooper “decals” on masking tape LOL. I ended up needing this a LOT sooner than I was ready to buy, which royally SUCKS. My bunny devil helmet was probably fine to play in, but psychologically it was what rang my ears for a long time. 

I made the comment to Dave that I should never order a helmet “when I need” it. My spare Protectsport isn’t all that comfortable and could definitely benefit from a repadding to fit me better.  I will keep both Protechsport helmets, one will be a display piece once @parabele fixes the paint.

They were very patient with me, as they could have told me to “kick a big pile of rocks” with me trying to get this as quickly as possible. If I wanted to play, I either needed to refoam one of several helmets, which I don’t have time for at this point or buy something off the peg, something I have even less faith in doing. My infamous Kustom Composites SK2000 was in need of foam, so it wasn’t safe; my spare Protechsport doesn’t fit that well and feels weird on my head. There I was needing a helmet as I am a man on a mission to play as much hockey as humanly possible after missing nine months over the last two years from a debilitating illness.

It’s one thing to cheat death like I did last year due to something I had no control over; it’s another thing to either have no faith in your protective gear or invite problems with a helmet that either does not fit well or has foam falling out. 

If you have the luxury of time, these guys will fix you up; if you don’t, they will try as hard as possible to get you a lid in quick fashion. 

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