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Glove break in wrong place, can I fix?


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1 hour ago, mikemc620 said:

I guess with me playing around with it now it feels like it closes differently based on how much I tuck my fingers into the glove.  It closes a little bit better for me when I don’t have my fingers pushed all the way into the glove. 

I have had similar experiences with Vaughn gloves, the exception being a V1-style glove.

If you have a second glove, it may be worth trying to "fix" this issue, but if you don't perceive any problem, then I wouldn't suggest you do anything to the glove. If it's working, run with it. 

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On 4/4/2020 at 1:48 AM, Deltadre said:

Yeah it’s a one90 and like yourself I ce been having a hell of a time trying to pick up the puck. I honestly thought it was me until I figured out that T looks like the pics above. Basically I’m just pushing the puck because my T doesn’t wrap around the puck to pick it up. I broke it in and love using it but this issue is making second guess if I can fix it or should I get a new glove. 

My Total One is looking exactly the same about T closed. It is fingers to palm break, you cannot fix that without rebuilding the whole thing.

What I'm wondering here is how important of a thing you think it is to be able to pick up the puck? If the glove is working and you catch the puck and it feels good then I wouldn't do anything. 

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