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Thinking of doing some goalie (and skater) repair. I have a sewing machine that can easily handle anything that could be thrown at it. I've already done simple stuff like hemming goalie jersey cuffs, fixing numbers that are falling off a jersey and adding/changing stripes on goalie shells. But I want to get into actual gear mods and repair.

I'm actually thinking of trying to make my own gear. There's a guy on YouTube and Facebook that makes his own gear and while his first set looked pretty crap, his new stuff seriously looks pretty damn good. 

Any suggestions on the best way or project to start? I was thinking yet another toe tie system since I'm still using the Monster pro bridges I bought years ago back before they went to shit. Maybe something similar but with my own changes since there are a few things I would have liked to change. The other thing I'm considering is knee pads since aside from Passau I still have never found anything I liked. Also, the Monster jock is amazing but again... Monster. So maybe a jock?

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