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Hyrdration and Sweat


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Good article here on NHL.com with NHL goalie interviews.


I brought a scale to the rink a few times to weigh myself before and after.  I am a heavy sweater and run very hot.  I typically lose 2% of my weight for a game, I weigh about 165-167 pounds, so that's about a 3 pound loss.

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That's nuts.  I thought I drank a lot of water on game days.  I drink minimum 108oz(4 27oz Klean Kanteens) while I am at work and I continue to drink glasses here and there while I am at home.  I obviously don't sweat like these guys do nor do I play in the kind of heat that they do.  Boy, at 36 as its getting harder to lose weight, would I love to be able to blow 10lbs in a given night though hahaha.

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