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Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

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8 minutes ago, Dero said:

thats also something ive wondered about, like what if i just got optik 2 FLX. like what would that do? and would it even be worth it? like normally im a "gnetik IV" style goalie but i want a hard pad and if i don't go max core would there really be a point in going the optik 2 route when i could just go with a hard gnetik pad in like a 4:2:1 configuration or maybe a 4:3:1 

who knows 

Talk to a retailer... Some of the best ones will be able to take your questions and produce real answers.  Especially if you're planning to invest in a good set.

I had my Optik 2's out again today and they are dialed in after 2 skates.  No boot and I ditched the professor strap.  I'll be swapping my Pro Laces for the Smart toes next time out.

I can't rave enough about the max core, plays more torsionally stiff than my previous GT Pros but still hugs your leg and launches rebounds.  And dollar for dollar, Primo can't be beat as a sliding material 

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