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Bauer 2S Pro C/A 3 month review


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Bringing this one back...

I had my eyes on other brands. Vaughn V8 for example but it's a tad pricey. Mckenney's XPG1 or their older 895. Pro returns are far and few and often overpriced. 

I got my hands on the Bauer 2S Pro. It's an XL. I can't remember ever wearing an XL chest pad, which leads me to believe I might of been wearing the wrong size chest protector all my adult life. I was worried about the torso length and especially the arm length since they can't be adjusted. It fits shoulder width, kinda ok on the torso length if I pull on the straps under the floaters, but I have to say I'm still on the fence about it. I have a week or so to decide if I'm keeping it or returning it.

I love the fact that there is no over the shoulder velcro adjustments like every other model on the market. I feel the unit as a whole piece and solid. I tuck in, my pants are XL (Mckenney 855) and it does feel a little weird and puffy but that could just be because it's new. I wish they would of put the loop at the front a notch or two higher as well for lacing in my pants. Something I'll definitely get done if I keep the unit.

 It's not too heavy and quite mobile. Although it does feel much bigger than my Large TGC SPEC P1, it's still described as NHL spec and I'm happy with that. I'm more into mobility than size when it comes to chest protectors. The neck sits higher and that will also be an adjustment playing but at least I'll get the added protection at the neckline that I was lacking from my P1 and didn't even realise it.

I do feel that it was built as an untucked unit but i enjoy feeling a close wrap of my ribs for protection so I tuck.

The shoulder caps do feel like football ones given their size and shape compared to my flatter facing ones on the P1.

I don't know what else to add. Any updates from the original poster?

Protection seems fine and should be more than ample for my beer league hockey regardless the level.

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