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Name that spray


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33 minutes ago, cuprajake said:

is it not just a cleaner

Per Vaughn marketing, they add a coating on top of the material to make it slide faster.

1 minute ago, SaveByRichter35 said:

So it may differentiate it for one or two ice sessions and then its worn off and the same.  I wouldn't think much into it.

Agreed, but would be curious to get their spray and try it

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Probably just a waterproofing spray, like for your tent and whatnot.  I just added some to my pad's sliding surface the other day.  Wife was pissed cause it stunk up the house.  Sprayed outside but brought the pads inside too soon.  I didn't notice a difference in sliding but I also pulled my groin in the 1st period of the next game.  Not from the spray, from a desperation kick save.

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