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G4 Sr. Sizing


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18 hours ago, dreadlocked1 said:

I was going to say, make sure you are not using skate lace if you are having rotation issues.  The Warrior system isn't bad, it can feel too tight though.  Search VOG toe tie mod on YouTube for some ideas if you want it looser.  I recommend picking up Prolaces TGN spec and ditching the Warrior elastic.


I would also recommend Pro Laces as well, especially the TGN Spec versions. I was a skate lace toe-tie guy for life and had no plans on switching because, like you, I prefer the looser feel of a toe tie option. With the TGN Spec versions, there is already built in slack so it has a looser feel, but the elastics do the job when called upon. It's a great mix of both worlds. I have been very happy with mine. You can also customize the elastic cover and velcro tabs to match, if you care about that stuff. 

Here's mine:

In hindsight, I probably would have optioned to go with the black elastic cover option instead of white due to it getting stained,etc. But these have been going strong for about months now multiple times a week.


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