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Golden Knights’ Robin Lehner Says NHL Season Can’t Be Saved


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In an interview with Swedish-based publication SportExpressen that was published online Thursday and translated to English, Lehner said he saw “a zero percent chance” the regular season and playoffs can be completed after the league’s pause because of the coronavirus pandemic.


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It's not really a question at this point, though I wouldn't expect the NHL to make any final decisions/announcements until it's a logical certainty. 

I think the notion that the season could be saved was only really plausible under the absolute rosiest of return timelines, and not a single development since the moment the NHL paused the season has supported the notion that those timelines are remotely feasible. North America is not doing well at containing the spread (a wild understatement).

I believe if anything, we'd be more likely to see the start of next season delayed than to have any continuation of the 2019-2020 season (not saying that's likely, either). 

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If, by some miracle, there is a resumption of regular-ish life by mid summer. How great would a NCAA style tournament be?

Have each division play an 8 team tournament. (Blues just get a bye for 1st round). Maybe best of 5 each round in division. Two division winner play a best of 7 for conference and stanley cup is best of 7. Would be a month to get a division winner, and another month to get a league champ. 

Push the start of the 20-21 season back so first games are in November.

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