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Cheater Cage VS Pro Cat Eye

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I will be watching this topic for responses, as well.  I just swapped on a Cheater cage in place of the original straight-bar style on my helmet, but have not had opportunity to hit the ice with this setup yet.

My original cage had suffered s few significant impacts prior to me obtaining the helmet, and I was finally getting tired of looking thru the slightly wonky bent bars.  I shopped both Cheater and Cat Eye styles, but ultimately landed on the Cheater, it felt to me that it would provide a bit better protection from stray objects coming around my head.  As mentioned, I haven't used it in a game situation yet, but just walking around the house I have noticed that I feel like I have better sight lines than I did before at least.

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I've used both, but am partial to cheaters.

Straight ahead vision on the cat eye is slightly superior to the cheater. Downward vision on the cheater is superior to a cat eye.

To me the big difference is in the durability. One shot in the eye area can compromise a cat eye to the point where continuing to use it is risky. A cheater is less prone to bending due to closer, more consistent bar spacing. I'd have no issue running a cheater that is a bit banged up.

If money were no object, or my gear was free, I'd probably want an open mouth cat eye.  

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I agree with @Nova got a cheater for my concept c1 and its bomb proof with the 2 years I had it. Note that the concept takes the NME version of the cheater that has the double center bars closer together. Still waiting for my Fusion mask to get refurbished but may go with a custom cheater the the center bars closer like the NME. Only down side to the cheater is that it is notably heavier than the stock straight bar, but isnt a issue when wearing it on your head. 

I have used a cat eye with a Rey HM30 and took a flimsy shot at the wrong angle and had the cage bend. Also have used a cat eye before Canada disallowed them in minor hockey. but will stick with a cheater unless the leagues i play in say otherwise.

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